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Fixed Transport Window Leftovers


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Jun 14, 2003
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Ever see this. I got tried of it so I decided to fix it.

Edit: It is a bug that was introduced in one of the Conquests Patches.
I am officially calling this C3C Release 1.23F :p


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Really well done! You should send this to Firaxis for their next update, if they will ever do it.
How does it come that there are more 'views' (=downloads) for the color file than for the alpha file :lol: when you need both!?? there will be users who screw up their c3c even more! maybe you should put both files in a zip archive.

most c3c players will have seen that bug, but a lot of them will just have been happy corruption was finally fixed, so they haven't really bothered such a 'minor' graphic glitch!

But you addressed the issue now! maybe, it's not 1.23F (because it's not "Full upgrade", doesn't contain all changes since 1.00) but it's definately a bugfix everyone should get.
hey, you are saving firaxis money!!!

i have to say: very, very good! :goodjob:
A W E S O M E this man he remade civ 3 Conquest into CIV 3 Pounder

and bug fixed is as well..

great thanx ive been noticing those things for ages...
EDIT: oopps darn

Sorry, wrong window again. Please erase this if you want to. I meant to post it here. :blush:
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