[FIXED] Wonder destroyed by capturing city (Machu Picchu)


Apr 14, 2008
I don't know if this is some kind of bug but during my last game I destroyed a wonder (Machu Picchu) just by capturing the city. The wonder was visible on a mountain right next to the city and after capturing it vanished completly but other buildings in the city (like market etc had not been destroyed). I tired to figure out if this happens to other wonders too but it seems that No is the answer.
Does this happend to someone else, too?
I give some screenshots on later.
From the XML, buildings have a probability of surviving conquest. Eg for the Pyramids:

			<ArtDefineTag>THE PYRAMIDS</ArtDefineTag>
[B]			<ConquestProb>100</ConquestProb>[/B]

For Macchu Pichu:
            <ArtDefineTag>MACHU PICCHU</ArtDefineTag>

So... It shouldn't be destroyed. Was it perhaps in another city, and "moved" when the city got destroyed (although needs to be built in a city next to a mountain)

A save would help.
Or at least a screen shot.

Are you sure that it was completed already? The "in progress" model of macchu pichu looks very similar to the final thing. Mountaintop construction site vs. mountaintop ruin ;)

even if it has been allready build, are you sure it was the civ you captured the city from? It seems, sometimes the construction sites don't get removed automatically.
The wonder was there, built nearly a dozen rounds ago, I also got the message that the arab civilization finshed the wonder machu picchu.
Here are are screenshots.

First: Short before capturing the wonder is sitting right on the top of the mountain.
Second: After capturing it completly vanished how I mentioned.

And if I captured the city during the wonder was built, I should be able to start the construction of the wonder in one of my own cities (near a mountain) but this is not possible anymore.


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ok, sorry - but then jep, I think the guys really need a save to figure it out. :goodjob:

Spoiler :
Weird, half the screenshots in this bug report forum are from Germans it seems :p
My first thought was to check whether the mountain was still within the culture of the city after you conquered it- I wonder what happens to Machu Picchu if it isn't? Yes, usually you should get a city's culture when you conquer it but there have been bugs that cause it not to always work out that way reported elsewhere on the forum.

Edit- though in this case it's not really something to consider, since the mountain is directly adjacent to the city.
It may be that at the second of handover from one culture to another, there is suddenly a state of no mountains that invalidates it? Are there any other wonders that require terrain in the surrounding area?
Actually, on further reflection, there is nothing in the description of MP that states that the mountain within 2 tiles of the city needs to be within the city's culture. So if that actually has anything to do with it, we also have a documentation issue, but I'm leaning towards assuming that isn't involved.
In my very first game, the AI civ built Machu Pichu. It was a pretty cool wonder as I could see the city peaking out from the tops of a mountain just hidden behind the fog/cloud of war.

By the times my armies arrived and taken the 3 cities within 2 tiles of the wonder, the Machu Pichu ontop of the mountain was gone, I checked all 3 cities within range and none had the wonder.

I check the civilopedia entry on destruction of the wonder upon conquest but IIRC there was no mention of this.
I have seen this happen in my games. After capturing the mountain is still within the city's border but the wonder is gone.

Also when I built the wonder it has to be a mountain within your border.
I just want to add to this as people state that the mountain has to be inside the culture borders where it is build. There is a little bug in this or something as I have had a game where it was build on another peak two tiles away from my city that I didn't even own yet. There was of course another peak next to the city I build it but the wonder was build on a peak behind it that was not inside my culture borders.
got this on a game playing with england, arabia builded the wonder and disappeared when conquered
And it's not just a visible disappearance but it's also gone from the city buildings list?
I have never been able to capture Machu Picchu, even though I have tried several times, it is a bug
First, confirm in global politics that Genghis has built it. Plus, you can see it on the map.
Then attack with each crossbow and then with the longswords after instant healing the first one.


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