Flat choices : it's really one of the marks of the devil for Civ for me.


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Aug 8, 2003
What are "flat" choices ? It's when there's a (huge) menu of propositions, each of them that would give you bonuses, that appears and that you can't choose later.

Example : Pantheons (I just stopped playing a Prince game because of the pantheons pop up and nothing in particular seemed to be useful), leaders/civilizations, religions, etc...

Why do I feel so frustrated by them ? Because there's this bit where you have to read them up all again and again, before selecting your choice, and by choice I mean often "lack of choice". It embarrasses me, and i don't like when i'm embarrassed.

I guess it could be extended to the embarrassement I feel when settling a lame location, because there's no good location near me, not even remotely close. Last game, the only luxury I saw was incense, and it was in desert for the most part, or 3 tiles from my capital for only one of them. I settled east, where there was only a source of wheat. Mountains ranges, deserts, very disappointing for a Prince Pangaea game. Give me back the flat terrain of Civ2 ! :mad: (I played a tiny bit of Old World and liked the pre-generated city spots. I dislike the regions of Humankind and Endless Legends though, they are incredibly hindering !)
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