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Flavorful, Secondary Harmony/Supremacy Improvement Bonuses

Discussion in 'CivBE - Ideas and Suggestions' started by Barathor, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. Barathor

    Barathor Emperor

    May 7, 2011
    I'm currently working on modified affinity perk trees for all primary and hybrid affinities (also, slightly expanded).

    One thing that I would really like to see in the official version of the game is a secondary improvement bonus to Harmony and Supremacy, much like Purity has with its flavorful Terrascapes (sure, anybody can build them, but Purity gains more from them).

    It's fun to see a Purity (or Purity-hybrid) empire filled with lush, Earth-like terrain and domed settlements closed off from and rejecting the alien world elsewhere.

    I think it would also be nice to see:


    An extra bonus to Manufactories. Perhaps just remove the unhealth and maintenance costs from them (very flavorful for Supremacy -- allows them to have more energy on hand and lets them "ignore" any health penalties from these). Manufactories would be an important improvement for "the machines" favoring this affinity -- if their AI code is their souls, these manufactured and assembled parts are their bodies (or a majority of it). Their territories can become a bit more lifeless and harsh with Nodes and Manufactories more prevalent.


    Extra bonus yields to Alien Nests -- something to make them a really nice improvement to keep over the standard affinity improvements, even the xenomass wells! Especially, since they're not buildable and you have to acquire them or wait for them to spawn (if you're that desperate to obtain the improvement). Perhaps, like a Node, they could also heal friendly units around them too? It would be very nice to see Harmony territories with not only more prevalent Biowells, but also natural Alien Nests and friendly aliens roaming around, blending the borders between civilized territory and the wilds.

    *** Though, currently, there still exists an annoying bug with Alien Nests and acquiring the resources underneath it:
  2. Galgus

    Galgus Emperor

    Aug 22, 2012
    With Manufactories, increasing the production bonus even further may be more thematic than removing the downsides, to amplify what makes them distinct.

    Regardless, it is a good idea, and I like how Supremacy colonies would end up looking.

    Would Arrays be Supremacy? They feel a bit weak as-is, but perhaps they could be generic.

    In addition to improvements, I think Harmony should have a bonus on alien Reefs and Forests, to give them incentive to preserve the planet's ecosystem and live alongside it.

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