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Dec 17, 2002
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Jul 13, 2003
Text Object Name:Canada Inf Regulars.
Name:Francisco Hernandez
When the Great Revolution broke out at the turn of the second century, the power of the unelected elites and the breath and depth of the military industrial complex manifested themselves not in the advanced weapons systems such as Rods From Heaven, or in fighters but in the common grunt. The end result of alienatiod, consumerism and poverty was in the enlistment in the army by mostly poor young males.
Canadian regulars are the most numerous aspect of the canadian army. They have received special anti-mechanized infantry training and equipment and as as a result receive a 50% bonus when fighting against Mechanized units. Use them as your regular forces and as anti-mech units.

Text Object Name: 2NDINF Mountie
Text:When the Great Revolution broke out, unsurprisingly enough, the classes which had the most to lose fought the hardest to defend capitalism. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police was the bulwark of the Harper regime against the Syndicalist rebellion. Made more effective due to the shortage of oil and the collapse of transportation systems, the use of the 'Mounties' has been compared to the use of cossacks in Imperial Russia.
Mounties have the mobility promotion and have a 50% chance of withdrawing from combat, use them to harry enemy units and in particular, exposed artillery. Due to their high mobility, they also make good raiders.

Text Object Name:ARMOR Leopard 2A5
Text: The Leopard 2A5 Main Battle Tank was first introduced in the mid-1998. Armed with a 120mm L55 gun and two secondary 7.62mm machineguns. It featured improvements over the previous models such as the new MEXAS(Modular Expandable Armor System) which increased the survivability of the crew. In the Great Revolution the Leopard was more than a match for the molotov cocktails and the crude anti-tank implements the syndicalists and rebels were able to throw at it during the early days and more than adequate to deal with the T-55's the rebels were later to acquire.
The Leopard Tank shines in a number of roles, Due to the 2-3 First strikes it starts with it can be used in almost any conceivable situation. It's flexibility allows it to be utilized as anti-infantry, anti-artillery, anti-mech, etc. The only downside is the production cost and the fact that it doest receive any defensive bonuses.

Text Object Name:B52 Stratofortress
Text: During the Great Revolution, the B52 was one of the most feared weapon of the reaction. When Stephen Harper,following the example of George Bush jnr declared his "gloves off" policy in a keynote speech, two days after the initial outbreaks of revolution. The B52 bombers were lent to the Canadian Airforce, It would drop uncaring random death into nearly defenceless cities and do much to distrupt and stop planned offensives. There was no effective counter in the early days of the Great Revolution against this feared weapon and many rebel leaders were killed.
Use the B52 bomber to soften defences and damage enemy unites, it can cause 20% collateral damage. However, be warry against using it on enemy naval units and cities with jet fighter defences.

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Dec 29, 2008
Tech: Riots
Quote: "Governments are a conspiracy of the rich, who in pretense of managing the public, only pursue their private ends" - Thomas More

Tech: Propaganda
Quote: "When the prince needs to be deceitful, though, he must not appear that way. Indeed he must always exhibit five virtues in particular: Mercy, honesty, humaneness, uprightness, and religiousness" - Niccolo Machiavelli
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