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[Flawless Strategy] Achievement for [Everyone]

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Strategy & Tips' started by Windywinter, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Windywinter

    Windywinter Chieftain

    Sep 28, 2010
    How to win on Deity.

    1. Setup following game:
    - Bismark (with 50% chance to acquire barb after kill)
    - Size Tiny - faster win
    - Speed Marathon - Barb Camp Harvesting is most proficient

    2. Start game and go to research Archery
    3. Vist Ruins mainly for culture (quckly get Honor and then choose Discipline) or upgrade to spearman (quicker kill barbs)
    4. Start Barb Camp Harvesting
    - wander around map discovering everything
    - as soon barb camp appear - go to kill it - use forest and/or hills to get any advantage - hit and move one suqre back if you can get killed to heal
    - invest promotions into rought terrian advance +1/+2 and then +3 or against city - verify what would be better whne you would see enemy city
    - as there is 50% chance to get barb brute/spearman/archer AFTER killing and ENTERING on babr camp - you would quicker gather army than building it.
    - barb units starts harvesting as well - quicker army growth and exp for promotions
    5. In mean time for first 2-3 units build warrior or archer, then just forget about city leaving only one archer around to clear barbs
    6. When your money from each turn would start be negative - move your army on 3 hexes from enemy city and just "eat" them.

    It is worth to play on strategy/tactical view - faster on slower hardware and harder miss events, barbs, etc.

    Generally Barb Camp Harvesting (BCH) works better on slower games - in any case where city building is ~2x slower than getting unit from BCH.
    On larger maps, after about 3 cities, BCH stops beeingmai source of units.
    On Duel or Tiny you can ignore city management - it is too short game to make any difference on winnig. Bigger maps of quicker spped maakes it matter.

    Win od Deity quickly as it seems unballance that would be fixed probably ASAP. In such case just disconnect from Internet before launching CIV to not get update!
  2. King Jason

    King Jason Fleece-bearer

    Oct 21, 2005
    Well if you're just gonna rig it you might as well give yourself 1 opponent on a dual map like Great plains, move your settler to settle right next to their city, beeline writing whilst building 5-6 warriors, establish an open borders treaty, surround the city, lie when he asks if you're declaring war, then take the city. Grats, Deity "win" in less than 50 turns (quick).

    and Oh yea, there's no fixing stuff like this so the warning is kind of moot. The validity of how people achieve these "achievements" probably isn't high on their testing list since most people are going to look for ways to rig the win anyway.
  3. 12agnar0k

    12agnar0k Emperor

    Jun 25, 2010
    Conquest on Duel maps has always been easy, to test your metal, play diety on a huge map, speed is kind of irrelevant, but I would recommend Standard purely for astetics, marathon is way to slow on V.

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