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    So I've been a regular on this forum a couple of years back and then I quit Civ for a big long while... but I'm back here now! :king:

    Anyways, I kicked things off with my favorite map - Fleme's Earth (kudos to this guy he's amazing) and picked Persia. So I rolled over Babylon and the Ottomans early on, and just eliminated Gandhi after a lengthy post-classical war (mainly Cats, Swords and Immortals). I'm gonna get beat to Lib by a few turns (Joao almost has it) so that's no option.

    I'd really like to take this game to the later stages and try and win Domination/Conquest (a feat I'd never done on Immortal) so I'd like your guys's help. I got a solid army (though bruised from the India War it is well promoted) and some half-decent economy going on (will be better once the Indian spoils really kick in).

    I attached a save and some pics. I haven't played in ages so there's probably a ton of mistakes so go on easy on me :goodjob:

    The settings are Immortal/Normal, BTW

    Mother Persia





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    Small tip: Either set your research to 0% or 100%. At 0% until you have enough money to finish the tech at 100%. This way, you're more versatile since you haven't invested anything yet until you can get the tech quickly.

    Selling old techs to backwards civs gives you a nice amount of cash.
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    Seeing how you only raised 1 Great Person, so far (right ?), and have cities sizes 18, 15, 15, 12, 11, 10, 10,
    You could switch to Caste System (+ Pacifism) to a great effect.

    Try and bulb a bit + raise Great Merchants to upgrade some of your very large and well-promoted army to gunpowder quality.

    Dutchfire is right that selling techs is gg on such crowded maps.

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