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May 18, 2005
Flooding can happen around any source of water. Especially river tiles. Flooding destroys property in cities.

Swamps: The more nearby swamp tiles near the source of water, the less likely flooding is. And the less extreme of flooding. Swamp tiles won't be the best source of resources though. Jungle and to a lesser extent forests will also help a little bit with flooding.

Jungle: Besides providing more resources then in civ 3 jungle could be a source of medical tech. IRL nature has been the source of inspiration for much scientific advancement both medical and not. But especially medicinal, many a med even being just a synthetic version of natural plant chemicals.
That sounds like a cool idea. Other natural disasters would add to the realism of the game also.
Cool Idea TruePurple! :goodjob: I especially like the thought of jungles being sources of medical tech...
I like these ideas. They would make river cities a lot less überish.

On to the jungle idea, I think it's a good one, but it should come at a price, as Jungle Exploration should make disease more rampant in those parts of the jungle, with people pressurising them out to descover more.

I would also like there to be several different diseases, which are all curable at some point in the game, due to vaccinations/ old familly remedys, etc.
Prince Lek said:
That sounds like a cool idea. Other natural disasters would add to the realism of the game also.

Well most disasters in the game should be controllable/preventable, predictable(location and/or condition wise) and/or have a beneficial side to them.

One idea is volcanoes. The squares around them can produce extra resources, but it can also be very dangerous to live near a volcano. Not civ 3 style where its just some extra pollution. When those buggers go off they should cause a minor local catastrophe, destroying everything.

We could have titanic ridges, including those that run underwater. New volcanic islands could even pop up. First too dangerous and useless to colonize but after time they could become rich areas that give you extra minerals energy and food. Also the occasional earthquake could strike along these ridges.
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