Follow these tips to become a "master" playing at emporer level and french on earth map.


Apr 23, 2005
Streamed live on Jul 16, 2022

After many tries I think I now know how to "master" emporer level, playing with the french on earth map.

I thought I share these tips from my youtube video with you on this forum in case the youtube video ever goes down because the tips are in the description.
The main thing I have learned through experimentation is that: building attack units almost only is essential to force respect from enemy civs. Only have 1 high defense unit in city to protect attack units in city which have weak defense value.

Civilization 1 How to play French (at Emporer Level):

1. Build attack units only, and one defender per city. (Strong army forces respect from other civs, otherwise they will attack you constantly and there will never be peace and constant extortion. Strong attack army is the key in getting/achieving a smooth and fun and successfull gameplay)
2. Don't grow too fast, but also don't grow too slow.
3. Play balanced.
4. Make sure to also tech up to survive versus more advanced civs later.
5. Make sure to spy on enemies and other civs with diplomats.
6. Steal some techs once in a while, preferably from far away civs.
7. Don't unnecessarily piss of other civilizations.
8. Keep cities relatively large.
9. Optimize cities whenever that makes sense, manually set land usage.
10. Switch to more advanced government forms when it makes sense, to grow faster or get more money.
11. The Republic is the best government form overall, especially for war + factories and such
12. There are times when depotism or anarchy are usefull, especially in earlier wars.
13. Taking over cities can be done through money as well with diplomats.
14. Get some extra cash/income via caravans/trade routes.
15. Explore and spy/view for oppertunities.
16. Benefit from huts, but not too early, don't risk losing cities to barbs from huts ;)
17. Build up cities with improvements especially those that keep population happy and those that bring in money.
18. Build factories before any big hi-tech wars to be able to quickly recover from any war losses.
19. Build SDI Defenses against nuclear strikes.
20. Finally nuclear fision can safe guard cities against nuclear plants from exploding (to be done :)).
21. Use debugger to fix any hangs. Use SR EIP XXXXXXXX where X is the second value where the next instruction resides below the jmp instruction that is causing loops. This video shows how I managed to fix the game by skipping over a jmp instruction and then going to war to try and get rid of one or two units that are pointing towards itself or each other that is causing the hang. Fortunately this loop is a simple example of a bug in civilization, there are other more complex bugs/hangs. I will try this fix method on those as well in the future ! ;) Use dos-box-x, select save slot, and then save state, before experimenting with debugger, load state can then allow you to undo any mistakes and continue experimenting with trying to fix the game in real time. Type HELP enter to see help screen in dos-box-x.
F10 allows to execute instructions manually. First set debugger to "Debugger Option: Run Debugger".
(Carefull closing the debugger window will close dos-box-x in it's entirety ! ;) Good luck and check the civilization forum for more help on this ! in the civilization 1 section;)
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