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May 30, 2001
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I don't understand some of the settings that they used for foot units in the industrial and modern ages. The infantry unit has a/d/m of 6/10/1. This unit is the WWI single shot infantry unit. The marine has 8/6/1 and has automatic weapons and better protective gear. Same with the Paratrooper (6/8/1). This unit also has automatic weapons. We also have no modern infantry, just mechanized infantry with can be upgraded FROM the regular infantry. how do people turn into machines with a few coins??? Lee Majors must have been cloned I guess. For those of you who are too young, he was the bionic man.

Seems to me that some changes could be made in this area.
1) Infantry won't upgrade to mech. infantry.
2) Modern infantry should be created.
3) The infantry, marine and paratrooper need to have different values: 8 max defense for all ground units (in that period until the invention of Kevlar for the modern infantry)

Modern Infantry ideas:
A/D/M 8/10/1 and come available with synthetic fibers (Kevlar), but have no requirements then. (most things should be able to be manufactured by then since it would be synthetic).

Mechanized infantry should have a different cost (same as modern armor) and become available with a later technology. This unit seems to be something that we still don't have available, even to the US military. Available with Robotics maybe.

This would give a big advantage to the offense at that point. but humans are delicate creatures and it doesn't take much to hurt or kill us. So what do people think and who would want to try some graphics on this???


Nov 6, 2001
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the mechanized infantry unit graphics represent the armored personel carrier of todays military.

its not that your infantry are turning into cyborgs, its that they are loading into light tanks and have become more mobile.

There are two alternative units already on the board. JS made an APC unit that is IMO superb. It is a conversion from the current mech infantry, removing the gun turret and replacing it with a marine torso. very cool.

there is also the Grunt unit that I converted from the Marine. I removed his sleeves and darkened his green. The Grunt represents the US infantry during the Vietnam War Era, so late '60's early '70's.

There is also a green paratrooper floating around that is ideal for representing today's special forces. the alternative would be to use the black paratrooper for this, but I use him to represent my Secret Agent unit.

check out my DyP mod. Based on your statements above, I think you might find it at least interesting. Almost all your ideas are already incorporated.

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Apr 16, 2002
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I am currently working on several WWII units that could be well used for normal scenarios.
One of the most important of these is the mobile infantry (rifle men or machine gunners in trucks). Mech infantry is too powerfull too soon. the germans used mech infantry from very early on in the war, and admitedly, the encripiton machines used for code transmition could be considered the first computers (thus the implementaion of mech infantry coresponds with the invention of computers), But I think an early armoured infantry (upgrade of infantry, def 12 needing oil, rubber and iron) and mobile infantry (upgrade of riflemen, def 10 needing oil, but not rubber) should become available around the same time as tanks.
Standard tanks just are no match for the mech infantry, they have almost no chance of beating them if fortified in a city even with a numerical advantage.
The modern mech inf should become available at roughly the same time as modern tanks.
As it is, there is no point in waging war aginst mech inf until you have modern armour, because neither side will gain or lose land.
And also mech infantry should NEVER be a draft unit. tanks and APCs are expensive and difficult to build. To get them for free is rediculous.


Jan 30, 2002
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I too agree with the fact that mech infantry is a unit that appears too soon- timewise as also in terms of relative superiority over units such as Marines and Infantry. I for myself have put the Grunt as the upgrade of the Infantry, and have made the APC (cavalry before that, of course without the carry footsoldier flag)the predecessor of the mech infantry!

I don't really see a problem in this, apart from the inconvenience when I would like to ship my apc/mech infantry somewhere :(

Another aspect is that the Mech Inf. is too powerful compared to the common tank- has anyone noticed that modern M1 style tanks appear in the 1920s ??? I made the Modern tank buildable after the discovery of the laser (targeting system) and smart weapons (M1's "favourite" ammo during the Gulf War was H.O.T if I am not mistaken- until the depleted uranium fun-package arriving during this time). So the tech gap between infantry and mech inf., as well as modern tank and mech inf. became even greater when making the tech-tree more realistic.


The issue is that one cannot realistically draft the Mech Inf. either- as an army's cheapest asset is the common infantryman (by the way: Womoks is presently making modern elite infantry on several people's request- looks very good indeed and can be pre-viewed at his advanced units thread :)
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