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football thread No11

International friendlies weekend! CONMEBOL countries clearly are up to scratch with the rest of the world.

England 0 - 1 Brazil
Argentina 3 - 0 El Salvador
Basque Country 1 - 1 Uruguay
Peru 2 - 0 Nicaragua
Ecuador 2 - 0 Guatemala
Albania 0 - 3 Chile
Spain 0 - 1 Colombia
Algeria 3 - 2 Bolivia

All in all, 6 won, 1 drawn, 1 lost (in added time!).

Just saying that (sadly) Basque Country is not an official national team and some of our best players where not present because they were playing with Spain. On the other hand Athletic Club was having an important match in few days and agreed the call with Basque Federation
Bonyduck carried happily on with his monologue 😎

Oh football you say? My team FFK is finally back playing the best in the Norwegian league.
Manchester United must have a truly toxic environment. Look how well Jadon Sancho is thriving at Borussia Dortmund again
Historic win for Girona over Barcelona as they qualify for the Champions League ... and give Real Madrid their 36th league title! :band:
Parma Calcio will be back in Seria A next season, Inter has won their 20th Scudetto, and Juventus is on the best way to the CL next season… a successful season for me :D

Now just Italy has to defend the European Championship this year… but i doubt they can do that currently.
Yeah bad year for ManU. Dunno where they want to go from there honestly, next season could be just as bad.
There is something truly terrible at Man Utd. Casemiro and Varane were world-class players at their peak or close to it when they joined United, look how they done massacred my boys
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