For super advanced modders [City Banners]


Nov 1, 2019
On the city manager panel, there is a thin horizontal bar that shows the city totals for culture, science, faith, gold, production, and food. Beside each total, there is a radio button that allows the player to set the city manager to emphasize or deemphasize that yield. I think it would be cool if this control was attached to the city banner somehow, or the same functionality was built into the city banner. When I hover over that part of the city banner, the tiles that citizens are working lights up and when I choose my yield options the tiles that the citizens are working changes immediately to reflect my choice.

If it is too much to build into the current banner maybe there could be an option to switch between a new kind of banner that does that and the current city banner. I wouldn't mind being able to see the health bars and strength of the city all the time.

Suppose, for extra modding hardship, the mod allowed the player to check a box next to the info you want on the city banner and the banner would create itself to do that.
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