For the utility of AIRBASES


Dec 31, 2001
Corbeil (France)
I 've noticed an IMPORTANT element in savegames I've
downloaded from the Hall of Fame(whatever the level chosen).

DO the players know the REAL MAJOR strategic improvement
of RADIO???
DO they know that it can improve any sort of terrain in your
cities 4 time more quickly than irrigation and railroad
It is immediat if you buid it with 2 ingeneers(or settlers),
and has the same effects or farmland+railroad!!!!! :love:

For example on a hill you can airbase and mining then in
your city it produces 3 food and 7 production unit!!!:)
On a hill you have 1 food and 5 product.

The only disadvantage(of major importance) that airbases
are likely to reduce freedom of movement of air units cause
they have to avoid them if they don't want to lose their turn by passing through,all the other units may go through as if they were on railroads (no move penalty!!;) )
Please answer this post to ensure me that real fanatics know
this rule
It's is for me of same priority than refrigeration in the improvement of demography!!
no...its just the better players don't need to cover the map in airbases.Hall of Fame growth is done with food freights after celebrating to whatever size the terrain allows.

By the time you get to 20,000,you are so sick of it,you just want to end it.
If you can produce food freight without fearing
the deficit in the freight home-city, the game becomes
no-interest for me.You are telling me
that I can produce any food freight I want and never
take care of my cities food production?
If it is true,I realize that I missed an important and stupid
side of the game the one that sick me for playing civ2:mad:

I'm gonna check this today...
If you want to improve your land, USE SUPERMARKET+FARMLAND! Don't build airbases! They should only be used if:
1) the enemy is a long way from your city
2) you can't afford aircraft carriers, or can't support them (if you have Offshore Platform then this is not likely)
3) you want an area to stock nukes away from the city, perhaps you had your subs wiped out or something?
Why cover the world in them? A few far-flung, fair enough but not every square on the mapboard, by any means!:rolleyes:
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