Foreign Advisor screens


Jan 27, 2004
Shanghai, the Middle Kingdom
(4/4) Ideas I came up with in the last two days of gaming.

Again... still playing the TETurkhan mod, I hit the Foreign Affairs screen. The advisor tells me a bit about the other civs and I'm staring at 6 heads, smiling or snarling. However, there are 31 civs in this world, and to have a quick simple breakdown of who's allying with who can be a bit frustrating if you have to change the heads all the time. Perhaps there can be a completely new screen that can handle so many leaders on one screen.

Sure that's a lot of little blue and red lines, but if I'm at war with 10 civs, then I want to see 10 red lines, and be able to click on them quickly to see who else is fighting them, just so I can contact them immediately and join up.

It just makes it simpler.
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