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Foreign financing.

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Stories & Tales' started by Dragonator, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. Dragonator

    Dragonator Chieftain

    Jun 14, 2004
    I am not new to the civilization games but I am new to Civ3. i have played many times civ1 and i found that i liked it so when i got my hands on this version of civ i couldn't wait to start playing. i only had one problem: i don't have an pc anymore. the old one is broken and i can't get a new one just now. so i had to play at my cousin's place.

    anyway, i installed the game and started playing. when it got late i saved and went home. when i got back after a few days he deleted the game so i had to start over again as the Americans. when i began again i started a new random map at the 3rd level of difficulty, continents, with the only possible victory by conquest. as i used to do in civ1 i started building my civilization, i ceased the more important lands to myself, along with the important strategic resources (the only horse square and the only 2 iron squares on the continent) and started building up my civilization and researching technologies. i soon found out that if i want to win i had to have a superior both numerical and technological army at my side so i concentrated on researching military technology and educational and economic techs just to speed up research. when i discovered the monarchy i installed it as a permanent form of government because it is very useful during war times. when i had knights at my disposal i built up an army and declared war on my neighbor the Aztecs because they were threatening my horse square. i razed about 4 of their towns on the peninsula that had the horses and conquered 2 (the peninsula was 1/5mountains and hills, 1/5grasslands and forests and 3/5 tundra, it was up north, they had the tundra part an a little grassland). i also conquered 3 other cities of vital economical importance and their capital that had The Great Wall. but after that i lost 1/5 of my forces in battle and 3/5 were wounded or had to stay in the cities i conquered to eliminate the resistance so i offered them a peace offer that said they had to pay me 25gold/turn for the next 20 turns. they accepted. this way i had 4 more cities and 2 more towns at my disposal to contribute to the war effort. with the money they gave me i could speed up my research and advance way ahead of the other civilizations.

    this way i found that i could make lots of money from the other civilizations. so i started trading, more goods with the other civs and made lots of money.
    but wait, the best part is just beginning, after i discovered the Music theory i started building JS Bach Cathedral, a very important wonder as you already know. the other civs didn't have this technology so they would pay me lots of money to get their hands on it. so i started to trade it all around the world, after i built half of the cathedral of course. i managed to squeeze 150 gold/turn out of them all (about 5 or 6 of them), with the regular income from my cities being of only 450 gold per turn (without expenses). this way i started using 100% on my research bar and speed up research considerably. one can do this trick with other techs as well. and this is a very good way to finance your other future expenses. i also used the leftover money to upgrade my elite knights to cavalery.

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