Form union and delegate regions to AI governors


Aug 7, 2007
Stockholm, Sweden
As a way to fix the late game decision inflation and micro management, I suggest we elaborate a little on what unions and AI governors could mean to late game civ7!

This solution aims to remove something like 30-90 % of late game decisions and is therefore a real sledge hammer attacking what I think is the main problem of Civ; the small decisions of the early game become too many, and increasingly boring in the late game. Hundreds of tweaks have been done to mitigate this problem before (like unit grouping and different kinds of user aid), but big solutions attacking the heart of the problem are yet to be seen.

Therefore, I suggest a new possibility to delegate parts of the empire to AI governors and form a union. (This would be totally optional. The classic gameplay style of running like a micro management dictator would still be perfectly possible to do.) Unions can be of different types like economic (EU), militaristic (Soviet Union, NATO) or religious. The appointed governors, controlled by AI, then follow most of the foreign policy of the mother nation, but lives its own life when it comes to domestic politics (building units and buildings, placing units, conduct trade etc.). The satellite states pay some kind of tax to the mother nation (at least there must be a reward involved so that the micro dictators don't always win). The risk involved could be that satellite states can begin to develop politics and religion that differ from the mother nation and could eventually turn against the mother nation, which could be countered by the mother nation using force or soft power.

That's the core of it!

Please let me know if you think this would be a feasible option in Civ! Cheers!
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