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What should we build at Fort Pornstar ?

  • Library

    Votes: 3 23.1%
  • Crusaders

    Votes: 3 23.1%
  • Settler

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other (please specify)

    Votes: 7 53.8%

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Nov 6, 2001
On the dark side of the moon
Picture next post.

Fort Pornstar hasn't started to build the library yet, so we can change it. What should we build at Pornstar ?

Good Voting !
Here it is:


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Corruption and waste are seen here, I would go for a couthouse.
Courthouse. Also, why do we have that phalanx taking up support cost? We should probably dispand it to add the shields to the next thing we build or send it to a city that only has one defender and support it from there.
Hmm.... I guess I play a different style than most. I rarely if ever build courthouses as I keep trying to head for Democracy where corruption and waste are not issues. I've always thought that those shields are better spent, but this IS a vote.. :)

My choice here is to build up this city to be a nice prodcution powerhouse (perhaps with a nice King Richard's addition here). I know: with waste we won't have that so perhaps a courthouse could serve well enough. I still would rather go with a crusader. SOMEONE is going to have to build some military, and with a nice production potential here I like this city for that purpose.

I agree that it has too many defenders. Can we either disband one or, if possible, move one of the pikes to a border city or as a defender to a newly taken city :)
I totally agree with Kev (other than I rarely build King Richards). A courthouse will only save one gold and *maybe* one shield at the moment; hardly worth the expense. We are going to need some offensive units. This will be a shield rich city. We can build a courthouse later if needed. Reassign/disband the phalanx (or move a pike to another city if more urgent)
I didn't realize how close we were to being able to switch to a Republic until I saw the thread on that. I think that our solution to corruption and waste lies in our government choice, and this city should help prepare for that switch. It already has a temple, so with its high production potential it would be a good idea to build a crusader and take care of the Roman and possibly Zulu threats, so we don't have to worry about war under our Republic. After that we could build a library to reap the benefits of increased trade.

So switch my vote from Other (courthouse) to Crusader.

About that phalanx movement being the president's choice, I think that since the governor's job is to watch his cities then it's his job to inform the president of such things. When the governor sends in his PM to the president with the results of his polls, he should also mention things like troop movement and support, changing which squares are worked in the city radius, directing the settlers that are supported from his cities, etc. The idea behind giving the governors the saved games was that the president can't keep track of all the little things in every city, so the governor would have to do it.
I would build a granary, send in some settlers to change two forests to plains (with irrigation/road of course) and make sure those workers are using plains instead of no-shield-grassland, making Fort Pornstar quickly become a size 8 city with 10 nice shields of production.
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