Fortifying Units


Apr 10, 2003
I remember reading in a preview for Civilization IV that when a unit is fortified, it's defensive bonus progressively builds up the more turns it is fortified in that square. While a fine idea, I hope this means that the unit will retain its bonus as long as it isn't moved, and not say if I select it and then decide to have it remain fortified. Wasn't that kind of thing in Civ II? I mean when in that game a unit was fortified, it would get its defensive bonus the turn after it was fortified, and then say if you selected it the turn after, even by accident, it would no longer keep its defensive bonus for that turn and would have to be fortified again. To me it was quite annoying and I'd like it if the developers would implement a system where the unit would keep the defensive bonus it had built up as long as it remained fortified in the same square at the end of the turn.
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