Oct 3, 2020
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Posted here due to a request on Steam for an external download.

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Four Seasons

Works with Vanilla, Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm. No requirements.
I will expand this mod every now and then with the help of feedback.

  • This mod adds a Season system with Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring to the game.
  • Positive or negative Effects are applied to units and cities depending on the current Season and its randomized Severity. AI is naturally affected too.
  • The map colors and lighting can change with the Seasons: dark and cold in Winter, bright and warm in Summer.
  • With Four Seasons, planning of wars and food management is more important.

Setup and Details
All aspects of this mod are thoroughly described among Concepts in the Civilopedia. The essential ones are:
  • You can set a Season Length between 5 and 25 turns. It is recommended to choose a value that correlates with your game speed (see image below).
  • Your Season Length is only used as an approximation, randomized Offsets can delay or speed up a Season change.
  • After starting, an icon in the top right lists all important information (see images below). The game will always start in Summer with no Effects.
  • A randomized Severity (1 to 5, higher is worse) dictates how mild or severe Season Effects are. Severity 3 is most likely, extremes are less likely.
  • The Season Effects include: unit experience, healing, maintenance, movement, food, production and war weariness.
  • If you activate the Time of Day based on the Season in the game setup: Deactivate 'Animated Time of Day' in the options for the visual effects to work properly.

I only provide an English Version of this mod, but others can translate it and I will link it here:

Thanks to Sukritact, ChimpanG, Gedemon, DB, bane_ and LeeS for providing information on Civilization VI modding and making Four Seasons possible.


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