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Fox-01 -- Post War Japan


Make it so ...
Dec 28, 2005
Where No One Has Gone Before

After World War II, the UN imposed a sauction against Japan, disallowing it to develop military power. As it is, Japan is allowed to maintain a sizeable force enough for its self-defense.

Variant Rule of the Game

We would play as Japan, and based on the above background, the main varaint for this SG will be: Japanese military units cannot set foot outside a friendly border.

Based on this main theme, here are the rules:

(1) During peace time, all military units can only end its movement within Japanese border, or any other nation's border with whom we have an Open Border agreement. Troops within a transport is an exception.

(2) We cannot declare war on others. We cannot declare war when asked by other Civ, unless the target victim is already at war with at least two other Civs (This simulate Japanese sending its troops to the Gulf War), or unless we have a defensive pact (in which case war is automatic).

We may, however, decide that Japan is strong enough to disregard the UN sauctions and declare war on everybody and never sign peace.

(3) When at war, military troops are allowed to move out.

(4) Troops are allowed to move into barb city to attack. With rule (1), this means that the barb city must be close by so that a military unit can start its movement from a friendly city and end its movement in the barb city within the same turn. If troops in the barb city razed the city, they must move back to a friendly border as soon as possible.

(5) Scouts, Explorers, Settlers, Workers, Missionaries, Spies are considered non-military unit. Work Boats and any form of transport vessel are considered non-military unit as well.

Game Details

Civ: Japan - Tokugawa (Agressive/Oragnized)
Map: To be discussed, thinking of Continental or Archipelago
Size: Standard/Large
Speed: Normal
Difficulty: Noble/Prince/Monarch, depending on players preference
Victory Condition: All enabled, we would preferably win by Space to simulate Japan rising as an economic power, but that is only preferable.
Players: Looking for 4~5 more players. All are welcomed, including noobs. Just looking to have fun.
SG Ethiquette: Usual SG norm applies. 24hrs got-it, another 48hrs to play and report.

Do sign up! First come first serve :) ... oh, when you sign up, please also indicate your preferences on Map Type, Map Size, and Difficulty.

Current Roster (Closed)
-- GreyFox
-- Blid
-- Badgerpendous
-- namiliaM
-- ruff_hi
-- kikinit

Seems like an interesting variant to me. If u are willing to take a noob (in SG anyway, I play prince level) then count me in.
For settings, I would say continents/monarch or Archipelago/prince
For normal speed, I prefer standard size
Our settlers will have to travel unescorted or at best with a scout in the wilderness ? And no FOW dusting, barbs are goin' to have a fun time :D
Maybe we can found a lot of coastal cities since we can use galleys. Archipelago may have its uses then ;)
Blid, welcome!

Right about unescorted settler. So this force us to settle near our original cities, unless we are very brave and dare to let a city remain unprotected until it builds a troop itself. (EDIT: Of-course we can have military units + settler in a transport, pop the settler and settle near the cost, then our troops can go ashore and protect the new city)

Also, Toku starts with a warrior, I think. so, no initial scouting until scout is built.

This game definitely sounds interesting, but I'd only be interested enough to sign up if a real world map was used. I prefer playing similated earth games with an earth map. Any known maps that would work? Possibly Rhye's 18 civ map?
Hey GreyFox,

Count me in, if there's still room. SG noob, prince player as well. (Well, I am almost finished with my first SG...)

@namliaM: you are on. I don't care if you lose at chieftian ... the only criteria to play is to have fun :) ... any preference on map / difficulty ?

I am willing to take up one more in case I can't satisfy Methos's preferred real-life map. Anyone (including lurkers) know of an earth-like map (that is not huge), appreciate if you point me to it.

I'm not a fan of _huge_ maps either. I don't have much experience at archipelagos, but it sounds like it would be fun.

As for level, I'm happy with prince (or noble). But I'm pretty much willing to try anything, as long as we're having fun.

Need another? I'm game and archipelagos sounds like the way to go - island hopping!
Okay, I have looked at the available pre-made maps and I find myself hesitating. The resources are all pre-allocated, the Civ and their placements are also pre-assigned. I am not sure I like them.

I am sorry, Methos, but I am going to stick to an archipelago stock map. Are you still in?

OK, Methos. Sorry about that.

Methos said:
BTW, your username is also a great book.
Really? I only know of a movie named The Grey Fox, though that is not where I get my username from. I simply like the color and the animal.

Ok, updated roster, starting the game soon.

Greyfox, I would be interested in joining. Although I would prefer not to do archipeligo I will if it's the consensus. I am currently helping out in CTIV3 and it's Tokugawa on an archipeligo type map (huge) and it is very difficult logistically. Thus if it's archipeligo, preferably not too big.

I would prefer prince (or higher). I haven't yet won a single player game above prince but would be very willing to try it in an SG.

Edit: took too long to post.. standard size it is. Is the roster still open?

The settinngs ...

Starting Position

Our start:

Looks good, with clam and sheep. I will settle in place....

But before that, since there is no city, I am going to exploit our variant and move the warrior away from the settler to reveal the land as much as possible :lol:

Once the city is founded, however, we must move back ...

And them Kyoto is founded ...

In the following 800 years

I researched hunting first (for the much needed scout), and meanwhile start on a barrack. Once huntinh is in, switched to scout. I've also researched sailing (for work boats) and now going for mining (leads to BW).

So, this is pretty much the situation at the end of 800 years.

Oh, yes, by the way, the hut gives a map ... not too useful.

Autolog, if anyone interested.... but there is nothing much.
Spoiler :

Turn 0 (4000 BC)
Kyoto founded
Kyoto begins: Barracks

Turn 1 (3960 BC)
Research begun: Hunting <- for scouts

Turn 2 (3920 BC)

Turn 3 (3880 BC)

Turn 4 (3840 BC)
Kyoto's borders expand

Turn 5 (3800 BC)
Tech learned: Hunting

Turn 6 (3760 BC)
Research begun: Sailing <- far too important in Archipelago
Kyoto begins: Scout

Turn 7 (3720 BC)

Turn 8 (3680 BC)

Turn 9 (3640 BC)

Turn 10 (3600 BC)
Kyoto grows: 2

Turn 11 (3560 BC)

Turn 12 (3520 BC)
Kyoto finishes: Scout

Turn 13 (3480 BC)
Tribal village results: map

Turn 14 (3440 BC)

Turn 15 (3400 BC)

Turn 16 (3360 BC)

Turn 17 (3320 BC)
Tech learned: Sailing

Turn 18 (3280 BC)
Research begun: Mining <- leads to BW
Kyoto finishes: Barracks

Turn 19 (3240 BC)
Kyoto begins: Work Boat <- get the clams :yumyum:

Turn 20 (3200 BC)

-- GreyFox == Just Played
-- Blid == UP
-- Badgerpendous == On Deck
-- namiliaM
-- ruff_hi
-- kikinit

Everyone play 20 turns for the first round, revert to 10 thereafter.

The save:
Greyfox. You are going to need an allowance on letting settlers be escorted to new city locations. And maybe workers as well. Purely defensive though.
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