Fox-02 -- Praying to the RNG God


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Dec 28, 2005
Where No One Has Gone Before
All Good Things ...

Our Culture:

The Top 5 Cities:

:eek: Not all are ours? :arrgh:

Our Random Kills and Built:

.. Must Come To An End

Ending Credits

-- Special thanks to all lurkers who voted us 5 stars ... but the RNGod commands it.

-- Couldn't do this without all players: rex for his kinky stuffs, dantski for the spooky avatar, paul for keeping rex in reins, mucco for sacrificing his computers, n0xie for disappearing at the end, and ChrTh for inspiring the Just-Press-Enter (TM) move.

-- Wouldn't be a good SG without the random lurkers chirping one or two random comments here and then! -- thanks!

-- And last but not least, thanks to the RNGod for inspring this varaint ... he actually showed his powers in the last act by stealing the #7 from my log! :D

-- To Be Continued --


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Nov 16, 2005
Munich, Germany
This was a great one, from the idea to the actual playing ! from me too !

:worship: the RNGod !


Mar 7, 2006
All hail the RNGod! All praise his minions! :goodjob:
Good job guys, it was a great game to follow.
When you start the new one, will you please post a link to it in here? I don't have time to browse the forums too much. Thanks!


Make it so ...
Dec 28, 2005
Where No One Has Gone Before
:eek: To Be Continued? :eek: What else is there to continue?


Well, we mustn't forget the list, which accompanies the Sg from begining to end:

RNGod's Assignments
- Seek the RNG God: Started 4000BC, Completed 3240BC, 19 turns.
- 3x1: Learn Wonder-Enabling Tech: Started 3240BC, Completed 2280BC, 24 turns.
- 4x6: Learn New-Unit Tech: Started 2280BC, Completed 1800BC, 11 turns.
- 1x5: Get Something for Free: Started 1800BC, Failed (Punishment: 2: Whip all cities).
- 5x4: Capture City w New Resources: Started 600BC, Completed 25BC, 25 turns.
- 2x3: Capture or Found 3 more Cities: Started 0AD (or is it 0BC?), Completed 580AD, 24 Turns.
- 4x4: Capture 3 Cities from 3 Civs: Started 580AD, Failed (Punishment: 5: Declare war on most powerful Civ).
- 6x1: Capture or Found 3 more Cities: Started 1100AD, Completed 1280AD, 19 turns.
- 5x5: Capture City with World Wonder or Shrine: Started 1280AD, Completed 1370AD, 8 turns.
- 4x1: Kill N*5=30 Enemies: Started 1370AD, Completed 1585AD, 30 turns.
- 3x6: Add 10 XP to a Unit (named: Lucky-17): Started 1590AD, Completed 1740AD, 30 turns.
- 4x6: Learn New-Unit Tech: Started 1740AD, Completed 1745AD, 1 turn.
- 3x4: Spread any religion to 3 cities: Started 1745AD, Completed 1795AD, 10 turns.
- 5x1: Get Something for Free: Started 1795AD, Completed 1824AD, 13 turns.
- 4x3: Spread any religion to 3 cities: Started 1824AD, Completed 1846AD, 11 turns.
- 6x1: Capture or Found 3 more Cities: Started 1846AD, Completed 1856AD, 5 turns.
- 4x3: Spread any religion to 3 cities: Started 1856AD, Completed 1874AD, 9 turns.
- 2x3: Capture or Found 3 more Cities: Started 1874AD, Completed 1878AD, 2 turns.
- 1x6: Capture or Found 3 more Cities: Started 1878AD, Completed 1888AD, 5 turns.
- 2x4: Learn Tech in Next Age: Started 1888AD, Complete 1920AD, Learnt Flight, 17 turns.
- 5x1: Get Something for Free: Started 1920AD, Completed 1920AD, 0 turn.
- 1x6: Capture or Found 3 more Cities: Started 1920AD, Completed 1923AD, 3 turns.
- 1x3: Learn Wonder-Enabling Tech: Started 1923AD, Completed 1930AD, 7 turns.
- 3x3: Capture enemy capitol or size 10 city: Started 1930AD, Completed 1931AD, 1 turn.
- 1x3: Learn Wonder-Enabling Tech: Started 1931AD, Completed 1940AD, 10 turns.

The very last command is added just for dramatic effort, not included in here.

Some statistics:

             # of   Ave. # of
Prod  Prob   Times    Turns    Objective
----  ----  ------ ---------   ---------
  1   1/36     0      ---      Start a Golden Age
  2   2/36     0      ---      Build a World/Project/National Wonder
  3   2/36     3     13.67     Learn a tech that enables a wonder or a religion
  4   3/36     1     30.00     Kill N*5 enemies [1][2]
  5   2/36     2     0 (F)     Get something for free [3] from other Civ 
  6   4/36     6      9.67     Capture or found 3 more cities [2]
  8   2/36     1     17.00     Learn a tech in the next age or future tech
  9   1/36     1      1.00     Capture an enemy capitol or size 10 city
 10   2/36     0      ---      Ensure at least 3 Civs are at war (need not be us)
 12   4/36     2      9.50     Spread any religion to 3 cities
 15   2/36     0      ---      Disconnect an AI from a type of resources
 16   1/36     1      (F)      Capture cities from 3 different Civs [2]
 18   2/36     1     30.00     Add 10 xp to any single unit [4]
 20   2/36     1     25.00     Capture a city with new resources [2]
 24   2/36     2      6.00     Learn a Tech that allows new unit
 25   1/36     1      8.00     Capture a city with world wonder or shrine
 30   2/36     0      ---      Learn a Tech no one knows
 36   1/36     0      ---      Generate a Great Person (can be via tech research)

[1]  N is the millenium number we are in, i.e. 4000BC-3000BC=1, 2999BC-2000BC=2,
     1999BC-10000BC=3, 999BC-0AD=4, 1AD-1000AD=5, 1001AD-2000AD=6, >2000AD=7
[2]  Barbarians units/cities are allowed
[3]  It is okay if we offer only peace treaty
[4]  The unit must be identified at the begining

       # of
Roll   Times   Punishment
----   -----   ----------
 1.      0     Gift city to opponent we have worst relations with [1][2]
 2.      1     Whip all cities [3]
 3.      0     Disband 3 units with highest combat strength.
 4.      0     Change all Civics to the most basic ones [4]
 5.      1     Declare War on most powerful Civ [1]
 6.      0     Cancel open borders with all Civs [1][5]

[1]  We escape punishment if we have not met any AI ;)
[2]  We escape punishment if AI does not want any city
[3]  We must revolt to slavery if available.  We escape punishment if it is not.
      If city is not whippable, it must be whipped as it becomes whippable.
[4]  Eg: Free Market -> Decentralization.  May change back after cool-off period.
[5]  Last at least 10 turns

In all, we rolled 24 RNGod's commands (excluding the very first), succeeding in 22 of thems, failing 2. On the average, it took us 12.05 turns to complete a task, excluding the first and those that we failed.


That's all, folks!


Make it so ...
Dec 28, 2005
Where No One Has Gone Before
Thanks for the lurking and encouragement, Imhotep and evanb!


omni_paul said:
Let's do it again sometime.
Like, right now? :lol:

Or should we consult the dices ? ... :mischief:


Seriously though, I am pretty worn out recently, mainly because of my home computer graphics card seems to burn out. It refuses to run in 3D accelerated mode for more than 3 hrs, when it burns out, it requires a 2 days cool-off period. So its unlikely for me to start a RNGod SG again before June.

Of-course there is also the matter of Epic2, Epic3, Adv6, Adv7, SGOTM ... ;) On top of all these, I have a few different SG ideas I wish to try out ... ...

... too many SG ideas, too little RL bandwidth ...


Oh, okay, before I forget, the real reason of this post is to upload the Replay file, if any player is interested in adding this to their personal HoF.



Jan 7, 2006
Lurker's Comments:
I take it there's going to be a sequel one day, then? Looking forward to it :crazyeye:

Rex Tyrannus

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Feb 22, 2006
Charlotte, NC USA
Despite GreyFox's mule-headed stubornness at not "just hitting enter", I'd like to offer up my post mortem.

The Game:

All told, I think this game was well-played on all fronts. We came together well, with very littl of the one guy who does something that makes the entire group scratch their heads. Perhaps this was due to the clear objectives in the dice. Perhaps the map lent itself to an obvious path. Or perhaps we play well together. Whichever, this game was one of the least frustrating I've ever played. (Edit: It wasn't frustrating at all, which is rare for me.)

One thing that definitely shines through in all of this is that warfare is an incredibly powerful mechanism for winning CivIV. We were constantly at war in this game, almost from the get-go. We shrugged off war wariness and cared not that our research was set to 30%. After all, 30% of our empire was better than 70% of anyone else's.

Absolutely nothing could slow us down. This was one of the most certain victories I've ever had. Yes, I've won dominations in 1300's before, and we took until 1930-something to win. But this was a continents map. They take time. We absolutely rolled over this map.

To me, this game only solidifies my belief that constant offense is the fastest, most sure path to victory. Unfortunately, it's also become the most boring. (Edit: Not this SG, but military victories in general.)

The Variant

I really need to thank Fox for this. While it certainly hasn't helped my luck outside this SG, this variant is the most entertaining I've ever read. We had some great role-playing and I think everyone got into their roles, inventing elaborate stories to justify the current objective.

As far as I'm concerned, we could've lost the game miserably. With this cast, and this variant, the SG was a success no matter what.

My biggest suggestion for a sequel is that the objectives seemed too similar to one another. It boiled down to 1) go to war, or 2) research something. I'd like to work on some variance in our variant.:crazyeye:

The Team

Outstanding in all ways. Not one of us (except me) was that guy you wanted to set to "ignore" in your control panel. No jerks berating every mini-:smoke:. Just a bunch of guys wanting to write an SG that lurkers enjoyed as much as players.

I hope the lurkers agree that we did our jobs on that count.

My thanks to everyone. Fearless Leader (Fox), my teammates, lurkers, and especially RNGod.



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Oct 24, 2005
an Aussie in Boston
I certainly enjoyed reading it and, looking back, I was disappointed that I didn't get in on the fun. Re suggestions for future - make your penalties random too. For example - Penalty: send all your forces to the city that is furthers south and stay there for 2 complete turns. The outcome of that penalty would be random (will the AI realize what is going on?).
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