Francisco Franco of Spain: 3D Animated, Era Specific Leaderhead (28-06-2005)


Leaderhead Engineering
Jan 1, 2004
Montevideo, Uruguay


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Well worth the wait!!! :goodjob:
For some reason, it kind of reminds me of Marlon Brando. :crazyeye:
Very nice, jorde! :) And yeah, the 3rd era looks a little like Marlon Brando.
It's not a mod, it's a leaderhead. The easiest way to install it is to replace another leaderhead with this one. But if you wan't to add it with it's own civ, well, you'll have to make the civ first!
Ok, ive installed it. It's pretty cool, but there are meny bugs, so i had to unistall it.

It'd help if you say which bugs you found with the leaderhead, so that I can correct them when (if) I release a new version.

I know the one about the incorrect frame duration, which I've already corrected in all my leaderheads (and which you will see soon uploaded again)
good Job on your Spain: 3D Animated, Era Specific Leaderhead
very nice...will use.
EDIT: Can you make an Austrailian leaderhead? It doesn't matter who?
yea, David Menzies and...that other dude. Both by RF8KT, thus, all in .ace format archiving. Thus, I can't use them.
I know...but I can't do that. I wanna. But winZip is already in the computer, so that's what I use.
We kinda got of subject here, though.
I get your point, but i cannot download winRAR.
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