Franjo Tudman leads Croatia

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    Franjo Tudman was the first president of Croatia. In the beginning of the Croatian War of Independence, Croatia lost most of its territory, but over time Tudman, as a commander-in-chief, gathered forces and liberated all of his cities. He is remembered as the most influential person in modern Croatian history.

    Civilization ability - Croatian riviera - Trader units:trade: from coastal cities produce 1 :c5gold: based on a number of coast and sea tiles. (Becomes 2 :c5gold: per turn when researching "Cartography") Building a fishing boat over a luxury resource, grants a culture bomb. After researching "Conservation", sea tiles grants 1 :tourism: per tile.
    Leader ability - "Guard what's yours, respect what's not" - After becoming a target of war :c5war: declaration, all units get 3 Combat Strength:c5strength: every 5 turns raising to max of 21 Combat Strength :c5strength: (35 turns), but only inside of the Croatian territory. Additional 3 Combat straight :c5strength: when retaking your :c5occupied: cities.
    Leader agenda - A war against war - Likes those civs who don't let the enemy keep their cities. Dismisses those who trade away or let the enemy take a city in a peace treaty.
    Unique infrastructure - Zidine - replacement for medieval walls that provide 1:c5gold: and 1 amenity :c5happy: in addition of normal walls. No maintenance costs.
    Unique unit - Uskok - A melee land unit that replaces the musket-man. Weaker then it's counterpart (only 45 combat strength:c5strength:), but uses guerrilla tactics and is hidden. Only units next to the "Uskok" can see it. If embarked, acts as a caravel and doesn't lose combat strength due the "embarked penalty". Still 45 combat strength :c5strength:. (Caravel has 50:c5strength:)

    Art by DJSHenninger - Uskok

    Franjo Tudman

    Domination victory - 7/10
    Religion victory- 5/10
    Culture victory - 9/10
    Science victory - 6/10

    What do you guys think?

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