Free George Clinton!


May 7, 2002
The Castle Aaaaaaaargh
Doubtful that this will lead to any serious prison time, but I for one am sorry to see that the Master of Funk is not careful enough to indulge in the privacy of his home.
And of course sitting in front of a gas station is enough reason to be suspicious of someone...
He should be released for great services to the community. His is the best music to get drunk to.
Nice to see the authorities have so much time on their hands.

Coincidently, where were the 'Free Rush Limbaugh' threads? ;)
Was not his prior rap sheet cleared by his brother, a presidential pardon?
I think he should be freed simply because he is the coolest, most obvious drug user ever.

I was surprised they can arrest you for owning a pipe though. Is drug paraphenelia really illegal now?
"Free your mind and your ass will follow."

Once saw him and his all-star band live.

The ungroovy audience was clapping on the beat, i.e. on the quarter notes: one, two, three, four.

The band shifted their song for an eigth note. So the audience would then go: (one), clap, (two), clap, (three) clap ...

Amazing performers.
One always thought that threatening to drop da bomb on Iraq would backfire on him.
Simon, he did what? I must have missed that.

Care to tell some more about the incident?

Or am I just again missing a joke?
I love G. Clinton, he should be liberated
Like Saddam would be upset if Clinton were to consider him "unfunky".
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