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Free Recon Units


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Apr 23, 2017
Łódź, Poland
(aka Scouts Ignore Borders)

Are you tired of moving your Scout manually through the territory of your opponents? Are you scared of being closed on peninsula by borders of other city? Did you encountered traps like in the screenshot below?

Scout closed on a peninsula without possibility to get out:

@Ryika made on Steam cure for this. I adjusted his/her mod to be more universal. Such major changes required renaming the mod.

Units which receive such ability in v2:
  • all Recon Units except: Paratroopers and X-COM Squad,
  • Workboats.
If you want standard version where all recon units can cross borders, and only recon units - please download v1 from the same source.

Download Free Recon Units (v3)

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Here you have. Updated main post.
v2m2 out:
- deleted xml code; substituted it with sql,
- now code can be used with any mod changing unit, but it must be added as dependency,
- added 3 dependencies for now: VP, VPEE, MUCfVP.
- code now looks for every RECON unit and grants it permission to enter rival territory.

@CppMaster Probably not. It changes sql tables value and such things very often crash the game. I suggest finishing current game.
Currently 12 with VPEE and MUCfVP (2: Holkan and Chasqui).
UNITCOMBAT_RECON is CombatClass value in column in Units table.
It is not lost on upgrade, but code was needed for situations like unit received from CS or smth (when it do not upgrade).
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I decided to rename the mod. It has no old code left, so it can be treated like brand new stuff. Of course @Ryika is mentioned as the first creator.
PROMOTION_RIVAL_TERRITORY to Scout units should be done since long time ago. Thx adan_eslavo
Now, giving Rival-Territo to UNITCOMBAT_RECON make all Recon units from Explorer or Bandeirantes a taste of "too much" IMO.

I suggest to create a new special promotion that include <RivalTerritory>true</RivalTerritory> and <LostWithUpgrade>true</LostWithUpgrade>
Then, this promotion (with its dedicated icon...) will be given to Pathfinder and Scout only.

EDIT : will be given to Pathfinder and Scout and Bandeirantes as well to please Brazilians
Smart sneaky AI you say...
What about explorer, paratrooper, marine, xcom and zeppelin?

I play bunch of mods, so there can be changes especially from VPEE.
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Yeah, I modified code to take care of all recon units. ORiginal one from Capture+ had manually added units, so updates had to be done manually too, for every mod.

You thought earlier about cutting some units from this ability. Do you keep this statement?
I will try to modify it.
What do you think of giving an ability to cross borders to work boats? It cannot be exploitable in any way and it would fix that annoying problem when you are about to move work boat from another city, but AI founded a city and the path is blocked.
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