Freeciv: Civilization 2 mod, or how to play Civilization 2 on the Freeciv engine.


Dec 2, 2015
Many people want to play Civilization 2, but on modern OS it causes a lot of problems with incompatibility. In order to solve problems with incompatibilities, as well as balance in network games, I released several mods for Freeciv, which visually completely transfer us to Civ2.

So, first, I'll let you know that Freeciv has two versions with different interfaces, and for each interface variant I've adapted a set of graphics from Civ2.

The first version of the GTK2 interface.
Spoiler :
The main features of this interface are a convenient menu and a technology tree.

and here's the main difference from the second variation is a city review:

To install this option, download the attached file gtk2-civ2gfx2017v21.rar and follow the instructions in the README file.

The second version of the SDL interface.
Spoiler :
Plus it's because it's closer in spirit to Civ2, and the downside is that there are no rules settings in the game creation menu, and you will have to configure it through the console.
The main difference is a visualized barn in the city overview menu

To install this option, download the attached file sdl-civ2gfx2017v21.rar and follow the instructions in the README file.

Instructions for running Civ2 rules and server titles.
Spoiler :
1. Run civserver
2. Enter the command rules civ2
3. Enter the command set startunits cc
4. Enter the show command to check all the settings
5. We go into the game, connect to the server through the local network.
6. In order to play with friends, use Tungle
6.a your friends need to connect to your ip from the tungla by typing it in the host or localhost and your port (usually 5556)

And now it's my second mod, which leads the network game to balance. civ2b
Spoiler :
The balance in the second cive is always limping, whoever builds miracles for happiness is the one who always won. Since happiness is the only thing that limits the growth of your empire. The influence of corruption in this matter does not have the proper effect.
To install the mod, download civ2b.rar and follow the instructions in the README file

List of changes:
Properties of wonders:
Pyramid : every cell of the city produces +1 food. It only works in the city where it is built. (old effect: a free grannary in each city)
Hanging Gardens: +4 happy citizens. Acts only in the city where they are built. (old effect: +3 happy in the city where built, and +1 happy in every city)
Great Lighthouse : triremes can swim in the ocean. +1 to the movement of ships. (the old effect: everything is the same, but still all your ships became veterans, too imbous in online games)
Embassy of Marco Polo: Embassy with all countries. + 50% to gold in the city where it is built. (in the old version of the bonus to gold was not, and it was a useless miracle)
The Cathedral of Michelangelo : In the city where the free cathedral is built, the effect of the cathedrals in each city increases (+2 content). (earlier this miracle gave a free cathedral in every city, now it is the Oracle for the cathedrals.)
Bach Cathedral : +1 Happy in the city where built, increases the effect of temples (+1 content) and cathedrals in each city (+1 content). (The old effect: +2 satisfied citizens in every city, now this miracle is combined with an out-dated oracle with the properties of Michelangelo but 50% weaker.But in sum if you have a temple and a church you will get the same effect)
The Eiffel Tower : + 100% luxury in the city where it is built. (Old efect +40 to the relationship with AI, in online games was absolutely useless).
UN : Units are treated faster. Free embassies with all countries.

Also, I changed the cost of units, that with new technologies our units would become not only stronger but also more expensive in production, which would balance our network wars.

Phalange and Picken 20 (+0)
Archer 30 (+0)
Legion 40 (+0)
The Musketeer 30 (+0)
Fanatic 30 (+10)
Partisan 50 (+0)
Marines 60 (+0)
Paratroops 60 (+0)
Mountain warrior 60 (+10)
Riflmen 50 (+10)
Motor Attack 60 (+10)
Elephant 50 (+10)
Cruzado 60 (+20)
Knight 50 (+10)
Dragoons 60 (+10)
Cavalry 60 (+0)
Tank 80 (+0)
Catapult 40 (+0)
Cannon 50 (+10)
Artillery 60 (+10)
Howitzer 90 (+20)
The prices for airplanes, ships, missiles, etc. remain the same.

See also: our group in the Russian social network -
Sorry for bad english


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Do you know if there are any converters that can turn a a Civ2 Save or Scenario into one that works in FreeCiv? That would really complete the conversion.
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