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[Fciv] Freeciv LongTurn - experimental TrueTurn game with new game mechanics starting in 10 days


Nov 18, 2017
And now something completely different! I'm not sure if it's even possible in commercial Civ games! (Do correct me if I'm wrong.)

A special kind of experimental game! With a slightly modified client, we want to check out what happens when you set up the game where you only set your orders, and then everything is executed at the end of turn more or less simultaneously. No real-time unit sniping, no camping, a real, true turn-based game.

For starters, we follow the KISS principle: a minimum of modifications and using the existing game mechanics wherever possible. This means that movement orders at the end of the turn will be executed at random order, so it is something you have to take into account. We believe the overall game will be a bit slower - because you won't be able to react to events immediately, but everything else is a guess.

If you want to be a part of this experiment and help the TrueTurn branch get better, do not hesitate to join in!

In order to take part, you need to register and sign in. Once the game starts, you won't be able to join (unless some players go idle, and then you can take their place with the help of admin).

To play, you should download the latest Freeciv21 client from here (*click*).

To sign in, visit the game page, sign in and don't forget to confirm participation!

If you need any clarification, do visit our Discord server, #ltex26-trueturn channel, or simply ask here (but you will get a quicker answer there).
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