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    Nov 10, 2021
    Preamble: Freeciv is a Free and Open Source empire-building strategy game inspired by the history of human civilization. Multiplayer games at freecivweb are 1 turn per day, against human players.

    The game commences in prehistory and your mission is to lead your tribe from the Stone Age to the Space Age. Freeciv can be played online in your web-browser for free.

    An exciting game with an experimental (out of game) world history feature.

    Game 35 will be a standard multiplayer game with a new experimental "history of your nation" experience. In recent games players have tried telling their histories at the end and it's really interesting - but memories and screenshots fade or are lost over the length of time a game takes.

    As a player in the game, you are invited to message the GM screenshots of interesting experiences for your nation, your plans/strategy, or your thinking/worries, as the game progresses.

    A history of the world, told by all nations. Let the story of your nation be told!

    Join us here - the game is still in turn 1: Freeciv LongTurn Game #35 (

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