FreeOrion Version 0.3.13 has been released!


Nov 30, 2001
Forssa, Finland
FreeOrion Version 0.3.13 has been released!

Changes since the last release include:
  • Various incremental improvements to the combat tech demo, some visible (asteroids) and some not.
  • New fleet icons that indicate the type and size of a fleet and point in the direction of travel when not at a system, with various options to control how they are displayed
  • Different arrangement of fleet icons around systems
  • Scanline-like fog of war indicators over system icons, which can be disabled in options
  • Reorganized UI colour options to make more sense and remove redundancies
  • Added circles around systems that have known starlanes connected to them
  • Fixed bug with irregular galaxy star placement
  • Significant AI script improvements: AIs explore, research, build ships, colonize and are aware of fuel range limits.
  • Added a map distance scale indicator, with option to turn off
  • Changed positioning of fleet icons moving between systems to be squished (slightly) into the space between system rings, so there is always a ship-icon-free space around the star / within the system ring
  • Added scripting support for defining various properties about ship parts and hulls in text files, including variou statistics about ship weapons
  • Added indicators on map to show which fleet icon(s) contain(s) the selected fleet(s) in the active fleets window
  • Added indicators along fleets' move lines to show the positions they will be on future turns, up to their final destination ETA
  • Changed fleet move lines to use scrolling dots rather than stippled lines
  • Made ships passing through a system that can supply fuel at any point during a turn get refueled, rather than the previous requirement of starting a turn in a system to get refueled, and using up 1 unit of fuel to depart a system that has fuel supply.
  • Fixed some issues with meter estimates when loading saves
  • Fixed issues with various lists in game not automatically repopulating themselves when something about their contents changed
  • Shrunk the size of asteroid "planet" panels on sidepanel
  • Made system and planet names have italics, underlines and bold to indicate homeworlds, shipyards and capitols, respectively
  • Fixed some effect description parsing issues
  • Made the Imperial Palace building set the empire's capitol
  • Made techs cost nontrivial RP and turns, since many people objected to the 1 RP and 1 turn development costs that were present
  • Added switches in a few source files to make techs, buildings and ships quick and cheap to build or research, without needing to make changes to their definition text fiels
  • Updates to Russian, German, Polish, French translations
  • New Finnish translation
  • Made the fleets window resizable and changed the information displayed on ship and fleet panels and in the fleet window itself
  • Added tooltips to meter statistic icons on fleet panels in fleets window
  • Added parsing code and text files to define or list the techs, ship designs and fleets that empires are given at the start of a new game
  • Added a new Optical Scanner ship part
  • Moved some config files around to a directory determined at run time, so that nothing is expected to be in the working directory, making things work better on Linux in particular
  • Made colony ship colonist capacity / new colony population depend on the capacity of the colonization ship parts in the ship design
  • Added backgrounds behind ship parts on design screen to indicate the types of slots those parts can be placed in, and added matching slot graphics to indicate what parts can be put in them
  • Made planet panel selection work anywhere on the planet panel when the production screen is open
  • Fixed planet autoselection when the production screen is open, hopefully eliminating confusing cases where no planet was selected and people couldn't figure out how to build something
  • Made the selected planet and other selectable planets much more obvious on the production screen, by making it brightly outlines, and making unselectable planets have a gray background
  • Added a new Orbital Drydock building that's needed to produce some ship hulls. The homeworld starts with one, but building more requires some research. Adding this building means that colony ships can be built at the homeworld at the start of the game, which was previously not possible, leading to confusion for new players
  • Improved network connectivity on Win32 systems
  • Updated fonts, allowing more non-latin characters such as Ł
  • Added Mac XCode project files to SVN
  • Fixed problem where the sidepanel wouldn't return to the state it was prior to ending a turn or opening and closing the research, production or design screens
  • Added a right-click popup menu to the options screen colour selectors, that lets one revert a colour to its default value
  • Increased the health on adequate and good planets, so that adequate planets actually grow before health research is done. This lets some AI colonies grow that were previously stuck at their initial population.
  • Added some error output to console if config.xml writing fails, hopefully to help figure out some issues with Russian and Greek language Win32 systems that are getting "Invalid UTF-8" crashes
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