French UU, The Foreign Leigonaire


Wehrmacht Commandant
Dec 9, 2001
How about a Foreign Leigonaire UU for the French? The stats for this UU are:

French Foreign Leigonaire - Replaces MARINE :soldier:

A:8 D:7 M:1

Required resources: Rubber

Special requisits: In order to produce the Foreign Leigon, the civilisation must have embassies in atleast 2 other empires and atleast 5 Barracks (not very hard to obtain).

Special abilities: Because the Foreign Leigon is made mainly of men from other nationalities, they do not cause war weiriness when in hostile territory. FLs can still make amphibious landings.
I think that is a good idea but I would say it should replace the infantry because marines in the sense of the game are alittle too modern for the French foreign legion.

My two cents
The only problem is the Legionairre's have been around for nigh on 200 hundred years and used all manner of weaponry which would greatly alter theirn combat effectiveness age to ago.

Idealy, some units could be designated Legionairres and retain the capabilities you suggest - but still be able to upgrade while still retaining For. Leg. designation. That might take at least three separate units it could exclusively upgrade to.
Very good idea, hope someone will do this - though the warweiriness thing might be hard to implant...
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