Frequent (every other day) Civ6 Crashes + Game Options Reset

Lost Soul 1

Aug 3, 2006
[I've read all that I could on this forum and couldn't find anything that duplicates the run-time issue I've been experiencing with Civ6 over the past 3 - 4 weeks (maybe a bit longer).]

I've updated all the relevant drivers/BIOS files and run recent memtest86+ RAM tests. Everything checks out fine and the only system "freeze" I experience is when I'm playing Civ6 (doesn't really matter much where I am in the game, although it doesn't seem to happen much before T75 and I usually finish my games before T280 on normal turn play mode).

Here's my system specs: 64-bit Windows 10 (latest version, fully updated), AMD 5700x, ASUS x570-E, 32GB 3200 MHz DDR4, eVGA RTX 3080 FTW (10GB), Corsair 4000D case (great airflow), game loaded on 2TB SK Hynix P31 NVME SSD, 100% play in Steam Offline mode, have Civ6 game and all DLC downloaded/installed (including latest Leader Pack additions) but play with NO mods. I've additionally verified my "local game files" via online Steam twice over the past couple of weeks, nothing was found to be missing.

Symptoms once game "freeze" occurs (I can sometimes select to save the game at its current point, but the save doesn't actually go through; often I can "return" to Main Menu, but the normal blue background and graphics are all black with the menu selections yellow, instead of white):

The only way to get out of the game (CTRL-ALT-DEL does nothing, even when trying to access Task Manager to close down Civ6 that way) is to reboot my computer (i.e., hard re-set from holding down the power button for 4+ seconds).

When my computer re-boots and I click on the desktop Civ6 icon to resume playing, the normal Firaxis/2K splash screens appear, BUT I encounter and must select a "Continue" button BEFORE I can see/access the Main Menu listing. (Having installed Civ6 from Steam on a couple of home computers, this "Continue" button normally only appears the initial time you start Civ6 after a new install.) And when I start up a game -- whether new or resuming an in-progress one -- most of my previously selected "Game Options" have reverted to default conditions. Things like audio settings, whether the AI/player status summaries appear in the upper right corner, quantity of auto-saved games (back down to 10), as well as in-game map/tile info (i.e., have to re-select tile yields, desert naming, etc.)

These freezes have really started to occur frequently in the past month and I have no reason why. (I'd have an occasional one or a game crash once every couple of months or longer previously.) I've been playing on this same computer configuration for 6+ months and keep everything (graphics drivers, Win10 updates, etc.) fully updated.

Very frustrating and I never know when the next game freeze/crash will occur, but it's likely within a day or two (I play daily) of the last one.

Sorry for the long explanation, but has anyone experienced anything similar to my situation above recently? And, if so, how did you resolve these random (but pretty much assured with enough time spent playing Civ6) freeze AND "Game Options" (+ map selection) reset issues?
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