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Friendship last long?

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by ArataWata11, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. ArataWata11

    ArataWata11 Chieftain

    Mar 13, 2010
    My first experience where I finished the game with at least one civ friendly toward me. In my more than 300 hours of ciV played, all civs I met in every playthrough were either guarded or hostile toward me in the end. :mad:

    No matter how I played the games the civs always find unfounded reasons to hate me. I tried every possible thing to appease them or become friendly, like giving them city I conquered, liberating them or give in to their every requests money or resources. :crazyeye:

    I just noticed that whenever you refuses their request AI will hate you for that and added to the factor which defines your relationship but when you give in to their request no added points to your relations with them or even erase your previous refusal. I know that AI schizophrenic diplomatic acts is one of problem in CiV since release that's why its an added joy for me to finished the game with one civ friendly to me. its kinda challenge to me thus sound, turning my disappointment with ciV into fun :confused:

    Brief background about the game. Initially, I had a friendly status with 4 civs, consul gorgous cathy of Russia, Rashid the pious of Arabia, enlighten napolion of France and Bethy the wise of Anglo-Saxon. They are all placed in separate continent except bethy. :king:

    I played as pres Ghandi of india, in prince difficulty, standard and continent type map. I shares the same continent with beth, caesar, solieman and mighty khan, shares border with 2 cities of Rome in the north, 3 turks cities in the east and one english city in southeast, dont have shared border with the golden horde as there are two citystates in the south separating us plus huge empty land on the mongol side. :eek:

    at the beginning, the golden horde was expanding rapidly north towards the english and even settle on my side of the border, an empty tiles between my last city in the south and the citystates and almost left no place for the english to expand in the south. the english was first to built second city but never attempt to expand behind those two cities eventhough they have large empty tiles both their north and south borders. :sad:

    By medieval era, I saw one english settler finding his way toward a very small empty tile in my south border, an area where earlier settled by the mongols. I quickly purchase one empty tile adjacent to my city so that english settler would not settle there, but they still build city on the spot where only six tiles with no resources. :mad: I could purchase them all due to lack of money and also saving for unit upgrades. :sad:

    as I earlier mentioned, mongols already occupied all south borders of the english. In the late classical era, the turks begun settling south toward english and left only small area for the english. by medieval era, the english was sorounded by mongols in the south and turks in the north. they only had 4 or 5 cities and thier capital border shares by the mongols and turks. I thought initially this could result in a great many wars between these 3 civs. by then they started deannounce each other, its just question of whose going to fire first. they were all have manpower to wage war but the mongols has more units than the two. :mischief:

    in my north border the Roman gradually expanding east and south, I built two cities north and northeast and still have huge empty tiles left between me and the Roman. and I stop expanding behind those two cities north so I couldnt incur the wrath of caesar. but my southern neighbor the mongols never stop in thier quest for more land. they made to settled just north of the Romans. in turns, caesar deannounce the khan and still neutral toward me. thats good thing. :lol:

    Caesar most of the time was neutral towards me, solieman was the one mostly affected with my expansion and incur his hostile attitude towards me but seems no will to fire first, bethy was lil bit upset but still neutral inially but when I rescued her worker from barbarian camp, we become friends, from then on we issued several friendship comminique and begun our golden friendship for years but the friendship upset our neighbors the turks and the mongols. the mongol was more vocal critic against our union, the khan soon deannounced me and became guarded towards me but I took it as an opportunity rather than threat, I quickly turn the table and deannounce the khan since the english already did so thus, I and bethy became more friendly. :goodjob:

    I never expected that my first war would be wage against my southern most neighbor. I think 3 or 4 turn past since bethy pop up, wishing me well as we deannounce the same leader, the Great khan unleashed his horde in my southern cities with 2 kishik, one mounted horse and an spearmen. I repealed the invasion and destroy their city bordering me and replace it with own city. not long the khan sue for peace since I senses that my northern borders were filled with roman spearmen, I agreed with the term of peace. :)

    In my northern border, caesar had now guarded status towards me and seems trying ways to vent his anger as he no longer expand his border south. as this time, our borderline already met and I acquired more tiles than his and the mongols lone settlement north of rome acquired more tiles also and with resources but seems reassured peaceful coexistence with the Roman as caesar never attempt to take that mongols city despite the fact that I reduced significantly the khan's army in our last war perhaps my land is more attractive for the Roman legion to march on. I quickly reposition my men to north, 2 spearmen, 2 archer, a swordsman and mounted. :mad:

    In two turns past, The huge Roman spearmen cross the border but they're not alone somehow caesar persuaded solieman to joined and divide India between them. I quickly defeat Roman spearmen and demolized thier fronter city with upgraded units, I turns the empty tiles into baffer zone by constructing fort on top of roman city ruin. however, I find it more difficult to repeal the turks as they already in my land and beseiging one of my city with upgraded units pikes, longswords, knights and trebuchy and they had more of them in fact two more turks unit marching on another city. while most of my unit were recuperating, I purchase one longswordmen but not enough. :nuke:

    I thought the war seem hopeless, but the mongols help me out of my guagmire when they attack the english and the turks again joined the mongols dont know why may be they persuaded too by the mongols. from then on I couterstrike and kill every turk units came face my army, the war ended occupied 3 Turks city including their capital and two Roman cities including Rome. The english repealed both attacks from mongols and turks but didnt able to captured enemy city however the English seem embolden and becoming more advance and strong militarily and aggressive. Our relations deteriorated and rapidly turning into lot of red factors, later on we become bitter rival as Roman and Turks couldnt cope up with the lost of their capital and mongols seems lost cohesion to compete. :crazyeye:

    In early renaissance era, I enbarked toward west to discover new land with my caravel ship. met napoleon who already friendly to me then Cathy with neutral attitude and lastly Al-rashid who also neutral towards me. Napoleon and Al-rashid shares borders and evenly match in terms of territory and army strength while Cathy seems finding difficult to expand though large empty tiles sorounding her 3th cities. I found it later the reason why cathy didnt able to expand constantly, a barbarian camp near her city seemingly capturing every settler coming from the capital. I bomberded the barbarian and destroy the camp with my explorer thus rescued Cathy's 2 settler and that's the turning point of our never ending friendship. ;)

    All 3 civs later on became friendly toward me and to one another, but the friendship did not last long. Napoleon expanding borders catch the attention of both Al-Rashid and Cathy and they dont like it but Nap keep on building city here and there which ultimately affects the relation between three civs. I couldnt help but watch the unfolding event. turning good relation into bad then to worse and now Al-rashid and cathy had enough, both deannounce napoleon so I had no choice but to joined the chorus and deannounce napoleon. :lol:

    by the mid industrial era. napoleon still friendly towards me but Al-rashid couldnt contained his obvious disgust against napoleon and attack him however, napoleon managed to turn the table and sack baghdad and two more Al-rashid cities. :nuke: fearing that napoleon might turn against me once He finish with Al-rashid, I immidiately invade France and able to captured several france cities and gave it to Arabia as puppets. then I accepted france peace offer. by now, the world recognized my supreme authority, no one dare to challenge me thus peace reign for many turns. :king:

    New threat emerge, in the modern era, Arabia one who mostly benefited from my war with napoleon gearing up for world recognition and all of sudden deannounce me not only that Al-rashid invaded my friend cathy. so I timely intervene and roll back all Al-rashid gains in invading cathy and ultimately destroy the arabian army. My armies were at the borders between Russia and Arabia when Al-rashid sue for peace which I accepted. :lol:

    Therefore, peace reign once more and this time last longer. Ghandi of India and Cathy of Russia friendship last and won the game. :king:
  2. Truthy

    Truthy Chatbot

    Oct 9, 2010
    I don't make declarations of friendship. My reasoning:
    -The AI asks for unreasonable gifts.
    -If you refuse to provide them with gifts, they will get mad and you will suffer a relationship hit.
    -If they denounce you, you suffer the notorious "Your friends have found reason to denounce you" diplomatic hit, from every player.
    -If you declare war on them, every other player will be hostile or guarded towards you.
    -"Friendly" AI are still very likely to denounce you
    - You do not need a declaration of friendship to trade with an AI

    All of these things will often result in the "Avalanche Effect". Meaning, every player will denounce you and then declare war.

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