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[FULL] Putmalk's Ancient World Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Modpacks' started by Putmalk, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Putmalk

    Putmalk Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2010
    New York
    Putmalk's Ancient World

    Total Conversion for Civilization V

    Version 8

    Mod Description
    Putmalk's Ancient World is a total conversion modification for Civilization V. It adds a variety of new units, buildings, wonders, civilizations, policies, and more themed from the Bronze Age to the Fall of Rome (4000 BC - 500 AD). Immerse yourself in ancient combat with spearman, slingers, axeman, clibanarii and other units as you fight to survive in such a primitive world. Will you control the Mediterranean as Carthage? Will you conquer the sands of Mesopotamia or conquer your foes to create an empire that stretches from one end of the world to another? Will you satisfy your gods and expand your culture to other, lesser nations? The fate of your nation is in your hands. Will you rise up and rewrite the history books?

    Q: Do I need any DLC to play this mod?

    Yes and no. There are two versions available with this mod: DLC and non-DLC. These versions are as they seem, the DLC version requires the Spain/Inca, Mongol, and Babylon DLC, while the non-DLC does not. These mods are almost identical, with a few small changes; in the non-DLC version, some unit art is replaced with vanilla graphics and Babylon is not a playable civilization. You are also restricted from playing scenarios which use DLC civilizations (such as Ancient Mesopotamia. However, you will be able to play random games without much trouble. However, I am a supporter of Firaxis and I strongly encourage you buy the DLCs to play the complete version of the mod, plus support the company!

    Q. How is this mod a total conversion?

    It changes almost everything you know from the original game. Some of the effects are similar, and some of the policy trees are familiar to vanilla Civilization V, but for the most part, almost everything has changed. You'll have to experience it to fully understand it. As new art assets are introduced into the community, old placeholder graphics are being removed.

    Q. Can I contribute to this mod?

    Yes, you can. See the 4th post for more details.

    Q. How long did it take you to create this mod?

    I started in late July and completed Beta by late August. I left for two months until I returned in late October, at which I completed the full version and released it. Overall, it was about two months work to get this mod working.

    Q. How many versions do you plan to make?

    Who knows? I plan to branch out to cover most of the Mediterranean. Most likely I will be making an expansion to the mod that will feature another part of the world, and maybe an extension into the Medieval era. The sky's the limit and I plan to continue this for months to come.

    Q. What language does this mod use?

    This mod uses en_US in its language files. It will most likely cause many errors if you use a different language, so there are two solutions:
    1) Change your Civilization V language to en_US or
    2) After you've installed the mod (via the Mod Browser), open it up in the MODS folder and find the text files (XML -> Text). Change the "Language_en_US" tags at the beginning and end of the documents to your language (for example, Language_en_EN).

    Author's Note
    The original focus of this modification was scenarios. I was going to release this mod to be only playable with scenarios, but I've since changed my mind and will be focusing on random maps, and improving the play experience that way. However, I do have scenarios planned and I can't wait to release them. Here is the current list of scenarios planned/completed:

    1. Putmalk's Mesopotamia (link: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=11030679#post11030679)
    2. Putmalk's Punic Wars (not completed - on hold)
    3. Putmalk's Alexander's Conquests (not started)
    4. Putmalk's Achaemenid Destiny (not started)

    Modification Features
    New Units
    Spoiler :

    Vanilla Units
    1. Axeman
    2. Heavy Spearman
    3. Elite
    4. Slinger
    5. Peltast
    6. Onager
    7. Helepolis
    8. Horse Archer
    9. Clibanarii
    10. Quadquereme
    11. Quinquereme
    12. Siege Ship
    13. Explorer (Version 6)

    Unique Unit/Civilization/Replacement
    Vanilla Civilizations
    • Numidian Mercenary/Carthage/Horseman
    • War Chariot/Egypt/Chariot Archer
    • Companion Cavalry/Greece/Horseman
    • Hoplite/Greece/Heavy Spearman*
    • Three-Man Chariot/Hittites/Chariot Archer
    • Noble Cavalry/Lydia/Clibanarii
    • Skirmisher/Media/Horseman
    • Mariyannu Chariot/Mitanni/Chariot Archer
    • Shukuthlu/Mitanni/Spearman
    • Immortal/Persia/Heavy Spearman*
    • Trader/Phoenicia/Merchant
    • Legion/Rome/Swordsman*
    • Vulture/Sumeria/Spearman

    Variety Pack 1
    • Headhunter/Celts/Swordsman
    • Heqetai/Mycenae/Speareman
      * denotes replacement change

    New Civilizations
    * - credits ambrox62 for something (art, civilization, etc.)
    Spoiler :

    1. Carthage*
    2. Hittites*
    3. Media*
    4. Mitanni*
    5. Phoenicia*
    6. Sumeria
    7. Lydia*

    New Technologies
    Spoiler :

    1. Aesthetics
    2. Alphabet
    3. Architecture
    4. Ballistics
    5. Cartography
    6. Code of Laws
    7. Drama
    8. Fishing
    9. Irrigation
    10. Literature
    11. Medicine
    12. Music
    13. Mysticism
    14. Polytheism
    15. Saddle
    16. Trade

    New Buildings
    Spoiler :

    1. Academy
    2. Church
    3. Fortress
    4. Guard Tower
    5. Herbalist's Shop
    6. Musician
    7. Outpost
    8. Temple of the Gods

    New Wonders
    * - credits ambrox62
    ** - no relation Wonders of the Ancient World (DLC not required)
    Spoiler :

    1. Ishtar Gate*
    2. Mausoleum of Mausolus**
    3. Parthenon
    4. Solomon Temple
    5. Statue of Zeus**
    6. Sphinx
    7. Temple of Artemis**
    8. Tower of Babel
    9. Temple of Dionysus (Version 6)

    New Policies
    Spoiler :

    1. Slavery
    2. Trade
    3. Philosophy
    4. Operations
    5. Polytheism
    6. Updates to existing trees (Tradition, Liberty)

    Non-DLC Version

    With the release of the upcoming hotfix to Version 6, I will be releasing a non-DLC version of Putmalk's Ancient WorldAs the title suggests, the Non-DLC version will not require any extra DLC, meaning you can experience most of the changes to Ancient World without having to shell out cash to Firaxis to play it. The non-DLC version is not much different from the base version, but here are the listed full effects of the non-DLC version:

    Spoiler :

    Not included in non-DLC version
    • Putmalk's Ancient Mesopotamia scenario
    • Babylonian Civilization
    • Slinger art graphics
    • Horse Archer graphics

    Downloaded from Civfanatics:
    1. Download Putmalk's Ancient World.zip from the link below
    2. Open Putmalk's Ancient World.zip
    3. Move Putmalk's Ancient World.civ5mod into your My Games -> Sid Meier's Civilization V -> MODS folder. If an older version of Ancient World exists, delete that version.
    4. Begin Civilization V
    5. MODS -> Browse Mods
    6. Click "Install Mods" in the lower-right hand corner
    7. Enable "Putmalk's Ancient World" and associated mods.
    8. RECOMMENDED: Download a Putmalk's scenario (see Author's Note)
    9. Enjoy! Please comment in this thread!
    1. MODS -> Browse Mods
    2. Online -> Putmalks Ancient World (and associated mods? Just type in "Putmalks")
    3. Download the mod.
    4. Click "Install Mods" in the lower-right hand corner
    5. Enable "Putmalks Ancient World" and associated mods
    6. RECOMMENDED: Download a Putmalk's scenario (see Author's Note)
    7. Enjoy! Please comment in this thread!

    Downloads are available in the attachments.
    Mod is additionally available through in-game ModBrowser.

    As of 1/1/12, all three mods must be updated to the newest version!

    (Version 8 - FULL) - Requires Babylon, and Mongol DLC
    (Version 8 - Non-DLC) - See "Non-DLC" section.
    (Variety Pack 1) - Includes five new random maps and two new civilizations. Compatable with both versions, NOT with vanilla civilization V.

    This is the discussion thread. Please discuss any issues or feedback you may have for the mod here. Please enjoy. :)

    More on the way soon. :)

    Attached Files:

  2. Putmalk

    Putmalk Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2010
    New York
    Reserved for Patch Notes

    Version 5

    Spoiler :

    • The modification structure has changed. There is now a main modification labeled "Putmalk's Ancient World". Included the .zip file are the scenario mods that accompany this modification, along with the scenario map files.

    • AI will now correctly understand how to use Median Skirmishers
    • AI much less likely to declare you a warmonger
    • Barbarians now understand what their Axeman's jobs are
    • AI now value Horse Archers more than before

    • Trade now increases Trading Post yield by 1, down from 2
    • Phoenicia's unique trait now grants +1 Food, +1 Gold, +1 Science, down from +2 Food, +2 Science
    • Lydia's unique trait no longer grants gold from Mines.
    • Clibanarii no longer require Iron
    • The Lydian Noble Cavalry now has a cost of 140, up from 80, a combat bonus of 18, from 15, and it has a bonus when attacking Mounted Units (50%)
    • New building: Herbalist's Shop (+5 Food, 2 Maintenance)
    • Garden no longer grants +2 Food
    • The Sphinx now awards a Great Artist point
    • Mausoleum of Mausolus now awards a Great Artist point
    • Chariot Archer attack has been reduced, along with all associated unique units
    • Chariot Archers now obsolete with Metal Casting

    • Peltasts now correctly cannot melee attack
    • Seaport no longer requires the Harbor
    • Phoenician traders should no longer be referred to as "Phoenician Phoenician Trader"
    • Axeman lose their melee bonus when promoted to Swordsman
    • All unit replacements upgrade to the correct unit now

    • New civilizations: Carthage, Rome, Sumeria

    • Barbarians can now make Horse Archers. However, Barbarian Horse Archers have a reduced ranged strength
    • New units: Ballista, Helepolis, Siege Ship
    • Archers now obsolete at Ballistics
    • Peltast and Ballista now requires Ballistics
    • Warriors will obsolete with Iron Working
    • Phoenician traders now have a base of 1000 gold, and each subsequent era adds an additional 500 gold to the bonus
    • All unit upgrade paths have been normalized and fixed.
    • Axeman/Warriors upgrade to Swordsmen
    • Archers/Slingers upgrade to Peltasts
    • Chariot Archers upgrade to Horse Archers
    • Catapults upgrade to Onagers
    • Spearmen upgrade to Heavy Spearmen
    • Swordsmen upgrade to Heavy Swordsmen
    • Horsemen upgrade to Clibanarii

    • The top tier policies have been modified and should be working 100%.
    • Tradition has been revamped from its Version 4 state.
    • Monarchy now requires Landed Elite.
    • The Tradition opener now returns to its vanilla function (+3 Culture, discount on culture expansion)
    • Legalism now reduces the cost of Monuments by 33%, and adds +1 Culture in the capital
    • Landed Elite now provides +1 Happiness for each Monument.
    • Monarchy now provides +50% Culture per city with a Wonder in it.
    • Oligarchy now provides +25% Food in the capital and +2 Food in the capital.
    • Tradition finisher now decreases the Culture cost of new Policies by 10%.
    • Trade is now implemented!
    • Trade opener now increases Gold yield in the capital by 25%.
    • Diplomacy: Quantity of Resources gifted by City-States increased by 100%. 50% Happiness from gifted Luxuries.
    • Bribery (requires Diplomacy): 25% more Influence from Gold gifts. In addition, the rate at which City-State Influence decays for rival civilizations is increased by 20% per turn.
    • Tax Collectors: +1 Gold for every 1 Citizen in the Capital.
    • Sea Trade (requires Tax Collectors): +2 Gold and +2 Production in all Coastal Cities
    • Alliances (requires Bribery and Sea Trade): City-State Influence decays 33% slower than normal. Militaristic City-States produce units twice as fast when you are at war with a common foe.
    • Trade finisher: City-States provide +25% of the Science they produce for themselves, and luxuries produce an extra +1 Happiness.
    • Slavery Opener now grants +20% Production in the Capital.
    • Slave Trade now grants +1 Gold from Market, changed from +2 Production per Market
    • Slave Infrastructure no longer grants a Production bonus to the Capital
    • Blood Sport now produces +1 Happiness and +1 Gold from the Colosseum, and the Theatre bonus has been removed.
    • Slavery Finisher now grants +1 Production in every City.
    • Philosophy is now implemented!
    • Opener: +15% Science in the Capital
    • Socratic Method: +1 Science for each Science building
    • Pythagorean Theorem: +25% Production when building Scientific buildings
    • Skepticism: +15 Science while empire is Happy
    • Epicureanism: +1 Happiness for every Science building
    • Cynicism: +1 Science per 1 Citizen in the Capital
    • Finisher: +1 Science in every City
    • Polytheism has been updated
    • Opener:15% Production when building Culture Buildings
    • Ceremonial Burial: 50% of excess Happy added to Culture per turn
    • Divine Right: +25% Great People
    • Priesthood: Temple of the Gods now provides +2 Gold, Church provides +2 Culture
    • Mythology: Temples provide +2 Gold
    • Pantheon: +1 Happiness for Temple, Temple of the Gods, Monastery, and Church
    • Finisher: +4 Culture in Capital
    • Monotheism has been replaced by Operations
    • Opener: Maintenance on military units reduced by 33%
    • Strategy: 25% Production when building offensive buildings. New units start with 15 Experience
    • Tactics: +1 Sight for all land Units
    • Command: +1 Happiness from every offensive building
    • Logistics: 33% Maintenance discount on purchasing units
    • Occupation: +2 Gold and +1 Happiness for the Courthouse

    • Putmalk's Ancient Mesopotamia
      1. A new map has been developed. It is smaller (50x50) and two civilizations have been removed (Greece, Achaemenids). Sumeria has been added into the scenario, for a total of eight playable civilizations
      2. The playable civilizations are: Babylon, Egypt, Hittites, Lydia, Media, Mitanni, Phoenicia, Sumeria
      3. The scenario no longer has pre-placed resources. Resources are randomly generated for a new play experience every time.
      4. The scenario now ends at 250 turns, with a Time victory.
      5. Teching speed has been reduced in this scenario.

    • Tech costs have been normalized (not as big a jump from Ancient Era to Classical to Late Classical).
    • Future Tech cost tripled to 30,000
    • Code of Laws has been moved to Classical Era. Requires Alphabet, Mathematics, leads to Literature.
    • Philosophy now requires Writing, and leads to Irrigation.
    • New technology: Ballistics (requires Trade, Literature, leads to Aesthetics, Engineering)
    • New technology: Irrigation (requires Philosophy, leads to Compass)
    • New technology: Medicine (requires Astronomy, Theology, leads to Future Tech)
    • Music now requires Polytheism
    • Astronomy no longer requires Music
    • Aesthetics no longer requires Ballistics
    • Physics no longer requires Aesthetics
    • Physics now requires Ballistics

    • Cyaxares is no longer speechless when he first meets your civilization.
    • "They believe you are trying to win the game the same way you are!" has now been changed to "They believe your interests conflict!"
    • Random rankings text is now less childish
    • Adopting policy trees will now correctly display the correct diplomacy suffix ("the Great", "the Master") in the diplomacy UI
    • Phoenician Trader now has a new icon
    • Horse Archers should no longer show have a Settler flag
      [*]The Horse Archer now uses the Keshik unit/animations. Therefore, the scenario now also requires the Mongolian DLC.
    • Both Cyaxares and the Medes have updated diplo, dawn of man, map, leader, and diplo icons/images. Credit to ambrox62.
    • Medes unique trait clarification
    • Some policies have new icons
    • New icons from the Wonders DLC. You do not need the wonders DLC, however.
    • Swordsmen renamed Elite
    • Unused policy trees (Order, Commerce) no longer show icons in their policy boxes.
    • Custom unit flags! This will help you differentiate between an axeman and a spearman without hovering over the unit!
    • A Custom Game button has been added, and Setup Game is no longer visible. Here you will select your scenario, civilizations, and difficulty, eliminating the need for "Load Scenario" altogether!

    Version 6 (released 11-28-11)
    Spoiler :

    • Corrected "TXT_KEY" issue with Scodra city-state.
    • Literary Epic now correctly requires a Library to be built in every city.

    • Added new city-states: Aleria and Massilia
    • Helepolis Ranged Strength is now 22, up from 16
    • Civilization Priorities have been added (for random games)!
    • Hittites now prioritizes Hills
    • Carthage now prioritizes Ocean
    • Phoenicia now prioritizes Ocean
    • Sumeria now prioritizes Rivers
    • New unit: Explorer. Researched at Compass. 4 Move. +2 Sight when embarked.
    • The Outpost now grants 15 Free Experience to all trained Recon Units (Scouts, Explorers)
    • The Roman Auxilia has been removed from the game.
    • New building: Forum. Unique building from Rome. Replaces Market. +2 Production, +1 Happiness in addition to normal Market bonuses.
      Explanation: I felt the Auxilia was useless and boring, and I felt like Rome could use a bonus to its warmongering capabilities, hence the Forum was born!
    • Balance pass on Production costs for units and wonders
    • Heavy Spearman now cost 100
    • Quadqueremes now cost 90
    • Quinqueremes now cost 120
    • Siege Ships now cost 150
    • Elites now cost 150
    • Ballista now cost 120
    • Horsemen now cost 90
    • Horse Archeres now cost 90
    • Clibanarii now cost 150
    • Onagers now cost 150
    • Swordsmen now cost 90
    • The Oracle and The Parthenon now cost 300
    • Mausoleum of Mausolus now costs 350
    • Statue of Zeus and Temple of Artemis now cost 450
    • Monastery now costs 150
    • Church and Temple of the Gods now cost 200
    • The Fortress now grants a new promotion, Charisma, which grants +25% chance to make a Great General for newly trained units in that city
    • New wonder: Theatre of Dionysus. Requires Drama. Cost: 550. Culture +2, Happiness +3, +1 Happiness per 2 Policies adopted. Grants a free Theatre in the city in which it was built. +
    • New natural wonders have been added into the game (Cappadocia, Mount Thera, Mount Sinai, Mount Olympus, Mount Ararat). These wonders are scenario only, and will not show up in random maps.

    • Minor shifts in start locations for some civilizations and city-states for realism purposes.

    • Lydia's Retail Store has a new icon.
    • The victory progress screen is now fully functional.
    • Cyprus now renamed "Ledra"
    • Civilizations are now separate from vanilla civilizations
      What this means: A long time ago I encountered a problem when "Loading Scenario" in which I was unable to select civilizations that I had created. I figured out that by updating previous civilizations, I could play as them with "Load Scenario". Now, thanks to whoward69's tutorial on how to create a custom scenario screen, this issue no longer applies, and I can now play as civilizations that I created myself. This means I can have an infinite amount of civilizations now! This will have zero affect on gameplay and you wouldn't have noticed it unless I said something.

    Version 6 Hotfix
    Spoiler :

    • Corrected issue that prevented the Victory Progress screen from displaying properly
    • Tax Collectors policy now correctly grants +1 Gold per Citizen in the Capital

    • Explorer now requires Astronomy
    • Astronomy now allows embarked units to cross oceans
    • Added tech link from Music to Astronomy
    • The Armory now costs 120 Production
    • Temple of Solomon now grants a Golden Age
    • Temple of Artemis now provides a free Temple in the city
    • Statue of Zeus now provides a free Great Person of your choice
    • Parthenon now grants +1 GA Point, +1 Artist Slot
    • Trireme now obsoletes at Cartography
    • Palace no longer grants +3 Happiness (this change will be moved to Mesopotamia scenario)
    • Ironworks has been re-added and requires Engineering
    • Lumber Mill now requires Engineering

    • Stirrup renamed Saddle
    • Minor improvements to technology help text
    • The Swordsman has a new unit graphic! Thanks bernie14!
    • Historical time period has been added for all gamespeeds. Feedback needed to test if it matches up well with the true history of time. The main game will now run from 4000 B.C. to 1000 A.D. (300 turns to 0 B.C., 200 to 1000 A.D. on Standard). The main tech tree should only take ~300 turns to complete.

    Version 7 (released 1-1-12)
    Spoiler :

    • Slight tweaks to leader AI. For example, Alexander is much more generous towards City-States than before.

    • Axeman bonus against melee units reduced to 30%
    • Hoplites and Immortals now require Metal Casting, replaces Heavy Spearman.
    • Hoplite attack increased to 13.
    • Immortal attack increased to 12.
    • Legions now require Iron Working, replaces Swordsman.
    • Legion attack reduced to 13. Legions now have a 20% bonus when attacking in Foreign Lands.
    • Peltast strength reduced to 8. Ranged Strength reduced to 12.
    • Mitannian Shukuthlu's cost increased to 56. They now have a 20% bonus when fighting in Desert and Plains.
    • Sumerian Vulture attack increased to 8.
    • Persian units now also receive +1 Move during Golden Ages.
    • Phoenicia no longer receives a bonus to Custom Houses. Instead, they receive +2 Gold for every Fishing Boat.
    • Media no longer receives a bonus to Great Generals. Instead, they receive triple Gold for every Barbarian encampment and city they plunder.
    • Greece no longer receives a bonus when attacking city-states. Instead, they receive 20% Great General effectiveness.
    • Carthaginian Cothon now has no maintenance.

    • Mitanni now has a starting bias of rivers and desert/plains

    • New unit: War Elephant. Available at Saddle, 15 Strength, 15 Ranged Strength, 2 Move, 180 Cost, 1 Horse
    • New unit: Marauder. Available to Barbarians only. Replaces Elites. 18 Strength (yes, more powerful than Elites).
    • Iron now requires Iron Working again.
    • Catapult no longer requires Iron resource
    • Catapult strength reduced to 4, ranged strength reduced to 9
    • A new resource has been added: Copper
    • Copper is available from Mining and comes in big quantities (4 to 8 units) and is fairly even with Iron in generation.
    • Most non-Iron and Horse units require the Copper resource. This includes Spearman, Axeman, Heavy Spearman.
    • New unit: Levy. 10 Strength, 90 Cost, 2 Move, available at Code of Laws. Upgrades to Militia
    • New unit: Militia. 14 Strength, 130 Cost, 2 Move, available at Pavement. Upgrades to Elite
    • Warriors now upgrade to Levies
    • Goody Huts are now more varied. New goodies include random barbarian spawns and experience bonuses!
    • On higher difficulties, goodies may produce even more barbarians! Be warned!
    • Warriors can no longer receive upgrades via Goody huts.
    • Warriors now obsolete with Code of Laws

    • Bribery: Now grants +1 Happiness per luxury, but no longer adds a decay to rival civilizations
    • Trade Finisher: Now grants a decay to rival civilizations, 20%
    • Sea Trade: Increases naval movement speed by +1

    • Cleaned up a ton of missing references.

    • Re-shuffled the era structure. Bronze Age is now the longest era in the game. There is an additional era.
    • Eras renamed to: Bronze Age, Iron Age, Classical Age, Late Classical Age, Medieval Age
    • Bronze Age now takes up the first four columns. The rest of the tree is split into Iron, Classical, and Late Classical. Two columns each.
    • New technology: Pavement. Requires Engineering and Aesthetics. Allows construction of Militia. Units are 33%* faster on Roads.
    • New technology: Sanitation. Requires Medicine and Drama. Allows construction of Bath House, increasing growth speed in cities by 25%. Stacks with Aqueduct. Also grants +1 Food to Pastures.
    • New technology: Crossbow. Requires Physics. Allows construction of Gastraphetes (10 Combat, 15 Ranged)
    • New technology: Glassblowing. Requires Pavement and Physics. Allows construction of Glass Workshop (+3 Gold, +15% Gold).
    • Quinquereme now requires Astronomy
    • Faster embarked speed moved to Compass
    • Re-did all Help/Strategy texts to reflect new era change.
    • No changes to policy prereqs, but it will take longer to unlock new branches.
    • Trade now also increases Camp yield by 1.

    • The turn scale for Quick, Epic, and Marathon settings have been adjusted to fit the historical era.
    • Quadquereme renamed Quadrireme

    Spoiler :

    • Celtic Headhunter now correctly upgrades to Elite
    • Some units' goody hut upgrade class has been corrected to the appropriate unit
    • Fix for saved-game loading issue (issue with deleting Promotions)
  3. Putmalk

    Putmalk Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2010
    New York
    Reserved for Known Issues

    Spoiler :

    • Crash when loading a saved game. (Fixed)
    • Philosophy branch not correctly updating the Academy (see manual fix here).
    • Denmark DLC required when playing with Carthage due to Firaxis hardcoding. You will experience crashes when embarking with Carthaginian units. Fix posted here.
  4. Putmalk

    Putmalk Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2010
    New York
    Art Requests (Updated 12-30-11):
    Spoiler :

    Upcoming News:
    Spoiler :

    Archived News:
    December 2011
    Spoiler :

    Non-DLC version of Putmalk's Ancient World released!
    I understand that the DLC requirement limits potential players, and I don't want this to happen any longer. So, in order to make the mod more accessible to more players, I am going to create a non-DLC version.

    Babylon will have to be removed from the non-DLC version, unless I get some skeleton artwork and template.

    The non-DLC version will be released alongside the Version 6 hotfix.

    I'll post more details about the non-DLC version soon. (as in, when I start making them. XD)
  5. Rob (R8XFT)

    Rob (R8XFT) Ancient Briton Super Moderator

    Aug 11, 2002
    Leeds (UK)
    I've successfully downloaded and installed the mod. Looks good; I've had a quick go playing the Hittites (I liked the iron working advantage, nice idea). I'll play it again tomorrow. There's a couple of techs which seem to appear twice (Mysticism was one of these, can't remember which the other one was), but overall it seems nicely done.
  6. Putmalk

    Putmalk Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2010
    New York
    Thanks for the feedback, and Mysticism twice? Could you screenshot that, please?
  7. Putmalk

    Putmalk Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2010
    New York
    A bit of updates regarding the Punic Wars scenario, currently in development.

    Rome and Carthage are the only two playable civilizations. Rome and Carthage will have two different objectives (this is my first foray into LUA :) ). Rome's objectives will be to conquer both Athens and Carthage, while Carthage will be to solely capture Rome. This is easier said than done; Carthage is incredibly weak to begin the scenario and has access to the weakest units, while Rome has the advantage in terms of power. Carthage begins the game with a ton of navy but very little land units, and even so, when they try to build them, they will be much weaker than Roman units.

    I've been playing around with it, and this is the format that I feel comfortable with. It's relatively historically accurate as well, I would say. The map is created, city-states and civilizations are placed, now it's a matter of coding and balancing.

    I hope you're enjoying Ancient World. As always, I appreciate any feedback.
  8. Rob (R8XFT)

    Rob (R8XFT) Ancient Briton Super Moderator

    Aug 11, 2002
    Leeds (UK)
    I'd love to do a screenshot, but the screenshots don't seem to show up the techs you can research at the left hand side for some reason.

    On the tech tree, the techs only show once; however, I've just started a game as the Hittites and, when looking at the initial options for research, both Mysticism and Fishing are showing twice.

    UPDATE: Playing the game; I've researched Mysticism and the other option for Mysticism has disappeared from the choices for the next tech to be researched. I can't build monuments though. Fishing was next to be researched; I can't build the work boats and the other option for Fishing is still on the list for possible research.

    UPDATE2: Now that I've researched the "other" Fishing, I can build work boats.
  9. Putmalk

    Putmalk Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2010
    New York
    Weird. I have never experienced such a problem.

    How many mods do you have enabled at once, by any chance?
  10. Pouakai

    Pouakai It belongs in a museum. Moderator

    Jun 16, 2010
    Make sure that you only have one version of the mod, you need to delete all other versions. It happened to me once before (CCTP IIRC (Acronyms FTW))
  11. Rob (R8XFT)

    Rob (R8XFT) Ancient Briton Super Moderator

    Aug 11, 2002
    Leeds (UK)
    How odd. I only had this mod enabled; however, I'd previously downloaded version 4 of the mod. Deleting that did the trick - everything that previously was a problem now isn't. Strangely enough, I've two or three "new" civs to choose from which weren't there before. That's civ 5 modding for you ;).
  12. Putmalk

    Putmalk Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2010
    New York
    Yeah Pouakai's right. I had just thought about that and was about to post it, but he beat me to it.

    Hope you're having fun.
  13. Rob (R8XFT)

    Rob (R8XFT) Ancient Briton Super Moderator

    Aug 11, 2002
    Leeds (UK)
    I'm enjoying the mod so far. Today, I'm playing as Sumeria and think that the culture bonus given to this civ is a neat idea.

    I will make a couple of points; these are nitpicks and a couple of possible corrections; please don't think that I'm complaining though; they haven't detracted from the enjoyment of the mod.

    • Skodra's city name shows as the tag to the name instead of just "Skodra" - a quick fix methinks!
    • I can build the literary epic even though only a couple of my cities have libraries - it states I must have a library in all cities before it can be built
    • I've just discovered irrigation and it's 1110AD! Is there any way to slow the calendar down?
    • I found that at the beginning, I could only build units. I, like many other players, want to get "the wheel" so I can build roads; it requires archery and animal husbandry, neither of which have buildings. Why not shift barracks to archery?
    • There's two units, the archer and the slinger, both available with archery and both costing the same - but the archer is more powerful than the slinger, so I'm unsure why I'd build any slingers

    ...right, back to the game. I hope that the feedback is useful :).
  14. Putmalk

    Putmalk Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2010
    New York
    Ah, you aren't playing the Mesopotamia mod, I see.

    The game wasn't balanced around that. I'm letting you play it normally but it really is designed to be played with one of the scenario mods. :p

    1. Yeah I found out about this the day after upload. It's in my V6 patch notes.
    2. I'll look into this, thanks.
    3. The correct calendar is displayed when playing Mesopotamia. I'll slow it down for the Ancient World mod, I guess...
    4. I'll see about adding a building there, then.
    5. Slingers have the melee retreat bonus, which should stick when upgraded.

    Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it.
  15. Rob (R8XFT)

    Rob (R8XFT) Ancient Briton Super Moderator

    Aug 11, 2002
    Leeds (UK)
    I have downloaded the Mesopotamia mod and it's the next on my list to play :). Incidently, I can't understand why you've not had more feedback for this impressive mod.
  16. Putmalk

    Putmalk Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2010
    New York
    Listen, I'll take what I can get. :p Eventually, the word will spread around. As this thread gets bigger, at least. Any support is appreciated, however. It means a lot to me. :)
  17. THE ONLY

    THE ONLY Chieftain

    Nov 24, 2010
    re up;oad I want to play.
  18. Putmalk

    Putmalk Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2010
    New York
    ?? What's wrong? Are you having installation problems? I already reuploaded the file due to a megaupload issue and it should work with the new mirror. Please be more specific.

    Right...I just checked...

    What's wrong with this? Anyone know a mirror that wouldn't be removed for "violation of rules"? This is bugging me.
  19. Putmalk

    Putmalk Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2010
    New York
    It's reuploaded...I really don't know why it got removed in the first place....

    EDIT: I also uploaded to wikiupload. It doesn't have a countdown timer, which is good. :) I'll be using that for now, probably. Let's see if they take it down for "violating terms of service" which doesn't make sense...what could have possibly been violated? I still have no idea...
  20. The_J

    The_J Say No 2 Net Validations Retired Moderator Supporter

    Oct 22, 2008
    Germany / Netherlands
    Moderator Action: Moved to modpacks.

    As alternate hosts, just try rapidshare, Megaupload or AtomicGamer.
    While the latest is not *that* popular, it's also another gaming site and you can style your web presentation also there.

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