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funny game and BGBSoD


May 15, 2007
Ok just quit out of a bit of funny game wondered what people thought especially about the stack size. I know there has been stuff on stack size disucssed and I have experianced this but this was frankly ridiculous.

was a funny game anyway, I didn't manage to expand so still only had three cities by rifling!, not good I know but was tech leader and military leader by a comfy margin. I was fighting maceman at this stage and had wiped out one of the other 2 civs on my continent.

got to infantry first and went to hastle washington and took two cities but a few more loses than planned as he had got to grenadires by that stage, not a najor hastle I know but I like to barely lose a man when fighting. Managed to hold the two cities despite quite a few troops and then paid for peace when they built up again as the war weariness was bad as continent had not much happy reseources and only 2 religions.

Was ahead tech wise but only with 10 cities so thought I would try space race even though washington had a score 1000 more than me and perhaps 16 cities. No one else on the other 2 continents was anywhere near and intermittently at war with each other.

I got tanks first and built up some troops on my boarders and had 4-5 infantry with 30 defense bonus promotion ineach of the 2 boarder cities as well as perhaps 8 other troops.

Then it happened, I was on composites getting further ahead tech wise and he hit me with more troop than I have ever seen. He didnt even bother knocking the 60%city defense down. I survived about 15 cavalry, 5 riflemen, 10 infantry and a few odds and sod like elephants maces and even an longbow but was quite weakened. I moved 3 tanks and 4 infantry into the city, all I could get there, and next turn he had 10 artilery, 20ish infantry, about 10 riflemen and 10 or more odds and sods, this is in additoin to the what was left from the first stack. The city fell quickly and he moved on into my territory. With everything turned to troop production with three cities producing an infantry a turn, and a few civic changes I could have held my ground and only lost a city or two but then the space race would have been very hard to win.

Plainly I was stupid not to have expanded better early and was lulled by a good early tech and wonder lead, got pyramids and a couple of others, But I have never seen so many troops hit one city.
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