[Furure addition] Criminal Organizations


Jun 6, 2004
Lyon, France
Ok, i am coding Criminal Organizations. It will be a long work, so it shouldn't be available in 0.94 version. During the coding work, you can tell me your ideas about terrorism/mafias/sects here.

I will update this post soon, with some elements already done.
Would there be state-sponsered Terroism or just terroism, or both?
Terrorist groups will be able to ask foreign financing from friendly States. But they will be independant.
How would the mafias work? Would they have their own cities or just be something like visible barbarian spies?
This concept is cancelled because:

-My current target is to release a final version (1.0), totally playable, and well balanced.
-I prefer to developp more useful concepts (like the new eletric system, etc...)
-It would create many problems (like bugs and unbalances) which would hind me to release a final version soon

I keep, nethertheless, what i have coded, but i don't think i will use it a day.
After 1.0, I recommend that we resume this back on track so that we can add more on the game-play. I want to see what the criminals will do when you reached a certain percentage or a spawn rate depends on the criminal rate. Crime does got it's history around the world, and since this game is based on some realism, I recommend that we added it.
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