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Future of Westward Ho

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Wild West Mod' started by TC01, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. TC01

    TC01 Deity

    Jun 28, 2009
    Irregularly Online
    I've reposted this from a reply in the Download Here thread, as I feel like it deserves a thread of its own (and also because we've gotten sidetracked from the points here).


    Westward Ho was one of the first mods I started working on. I had gotten both Colonization and Railroads!, and unlike quite a large number of other people, I enjoyed both games.

    I was also at this time getting into modding, and I saw this project. Flintlock had been working on it for a few months, I think, but was running out of steam. He posted saying he needed help with it, and I thought "hey, I could help him out, I know XML and a bit of Python". So I posted and took over the mod and eventually released Westward Ho 0.2. (Flintlock's unfinished release was what I considered to be 0.1).

    Now, I felt like a wild west mod would be cool- a chance to play with some of the features in Colonization I liked but felt were under-emphasized, but in a new setting (the wild west). To develop the economy and so on.

    After I posted some patches to 0.2, Kailric stepped up to help with some DLL work, and we released 0.3 and then 0.4. And then... I had laid out a roadmap of what I thought would need doing by release 1.0. Unfortunately, I wasn't looking forward to working on any of those features. So I wasn't much inspired to work on 0.5.

    Also, there were too many strange issues popping up- with land transport units, with the home cities being on the map, and so on. We tried fixing a few but to my knowledge most of them are still there. At the time (and honestly, still to this day), I lacked the C++ knowledge to fix them. Whatever enthusiasm I had for the project waned as the issues with trains and home cities became more obvious.

    I also found myself increasingly getting involved with projects in other areas: writing computer programs and messing about with Linux. I was still working on Final Frontier Plus because, first of all, Final Frontier Plus was my project. This was a project I took over to help out Flintlock, and while I thought it was cool, all the crazy issues that popped up didn't help motivate me further to help out with someone else's brainchild.

    And second, I didn't have a series of goals I was trying to reach with Final Frontier Plus. We were developing as we went, saying "Okay, let's make a release, what features would be cool to add?" I didn't increasingly feel like I would be unable to meet the goals I was setting for myself there. That's the other main difference between the two projects I see: Final Frontier Plus will never be done, but Westward Ho would have been "done" at v1.0 (even though more releases could still happen)- and I realized I could never get there.

    Perhaps someday I'll spend more time on this mod, but today is not that day. It would certainly help if people who were willing to actually work on this project would step up, like I did for Flintlock. Having said that, please don't volunteer unless you actually know how to mod. If you're good at DLL modding, graphics, Python scripting, adding a lot of cool new content to the XML, scenario design, mapscripting, etc, then I'd be glad to pass over parts of the project to you. If all you can contribute is ideas- then no offense, but we have quite enough of those already.

    And if someone wants to take over the mod completely, go for it!
  2. Blaze2002

    Blaze2002 Chieftain

    Nov 26, 2017
    Hey there, I noticed that this mod just kinda died out and I wanted to help out, I'd love to take over this mod and attempt to get it off the ground again.

    Please reply if you're willing to let me take this over


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