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Futuristic Mod: Pentagenesis for Conquests


Feb 9, 2002
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111 MB zipped, including all patches

The old PTW version's thread

1. Unzip to your "C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\Conquests\Scenarios" folder.

(civ3 complete users)
C:\program files\Atari\Civilization III Complete\conquests\scenarios

1.5. Patch required if you have an old version (integrated into main download link above):
Unzip to "C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\Conquests\Scenarios" folder, "yes to all" when prompted.

(civ3 complete users)
Unzip to "C:\program files\Atari\Civilization III Complete\conquests\scenarios" folder, "yes to all" when prompted.

++++++++++A link to the last patch, released Jan 5, 2006.


Untested, new uu's may be unbalanced, 11.7Mb

unzip to same place as previous patches.

2. The scenario is called Pentagenesis C3C

3. It is very different from the PTW version. Hopefully within 10 seconds you wills see a host of differences.

4. Tell me what you think. I built it to be used well by the AI, so very few special units are in, if any. There are no land transports, (the mobile base, which is a static flc is an army unit), hovercraft that act as land units and move over water or anything like that. To simulate hovercraft I gave them some "ignore terrain" bonuses and a short airdrop range, so they can cross seas.... unfortunately they can not attack ships.

Thanks for playing this mod.

Pentagenesis 1.0 for conquests, Planet Sona Prime.

A few pointers to help you understand what Pentagenesis: Planet Sona Prime is about.

Centuries ago the peoples of the galaxy all lived on the same planet. They lived lives and died, for many, many millenia. Many discoveries were made, fire, gunpowder, automobiles, radio and computers. But all these were ancient technologies compared to the single greatest discovery ever: immortality.

When discovered, it was extrememly expensive. Only the few were granted this gift. As they lived, they gained more knowledge, and experience and became increasingly richer, and more powerful.

Their minority grew in rank, but the rate of mortal births were outpacing them. It began to become clear immortality would be reserved for the privilaged.

Many mortals did not accept their gravebound fates. A revolution broke out, and the scourge of war infested the entire solar system. Immortals saw chances to gain power, and pitted armies of mortals, paid with the promise of immortality, against eachother.

Over time the solar war claimed billions of lives. The infrastructure needed for immortality, known as "cyonics", began to meet the number of those who were still living. Interstellar travel began to reveal newfound caches of rare elements and materials, required for phases of immortality, hidden by the stars.

Not soon enough for trillions of anient souls, all were able to drink the luxury of immortality. The last of the ancients faded away, and the threat of death was no more than a miasma of instinct.

A new intergalactic commonwealth was formed, known as the Pax Eternia Confederation. It's main goal was to promote peace and trade. It lasted for centuries. Corporations recieved charters to exploit new resources. Neoreligions recieved charters to explore the metaphysical, and to search for extra-terrestrial life. Governments recieved promises of sovereignty.

Then, it all fell apart. The vastness of the galaxy weakened the forces holding the confederation together. Old grudges continued pinpoint sabotages and assassinations. Trade organizations needed their turf. NeoReligions needed their freedom. Governments needed their respect.

Many planets were first terraformed by drone colonies, sent via cannon launched pods known as hyperpods, for their near lightspeed transportation, and later for their tolerance of post-lightspeed acceleration through launch gates. Once it was calculated when a planet would be habitable, colonistars, life supporting colony starships, were sent, with various corporations, neoreligions and government agencies on board, to arrive at roughly the same time as terraformation was complete.

This is Planet Sona Prime.

There are five veins of technology. These are all known technologies in the inner galaxy. On the frontier, the trick is not knowing, it's doing.

On the Technical Advisor Screen you will find in each era:

Not in readme, but a full screenshot of 2nd era technical advisor... The best way to find information in this mod is through this screen, I was careful to make the civilopedia quite, (allthough not 100% I am sure) accurate.

Four Military technologies (red-line), these are for upgrading your infantry. Infantry take no resources.
Five Cyonic (immortality, yellow line) technologies. These are not tradable.

Each of the next three have one resource per era;

Five Economic/Political technologies (White line). Some of these are not tradable.
Five Technological Accelerations (green line). These technologies help speed the pace of technology.
Five Industrial technologies (Blue line). These help with power and infrastracture.

Allthough the techs are linear, many of their uses require resources form techs of other lines.

There are five races.

Autocyon are not robots. They are consciousnesses encased in metal forms.
Autocyons tireless minds and bodies make industry their strong point.
Cyborgs use silicon parts to replace their deficient human or clone parts.
Cyborgs specialization in parts makes them superior in economy.
Humans use hormones to keep their minds and bodies alive for centuries. Eventually their minds must be transferred to the virtual world. Human specialty is technology.
Clones use empty minded copies of themselves to replace worn organs. Their similarity of mind and body makes them excellent in the realm of politics.
Mutants are bombarded with mutagens to heal organs, or to strengthen or change weaknesses.
Divided by their differences for centuries, they have been used for work for hostile situations. Their newfound solidarity has made them militant.

Throughout the civilopedia, you will find stories, and histories. Accuracy of either is sketchy at best. Trillions of souls inhabit the galaxy, and there is, as of now no way to decode the truth from history.

There are two non-militaristic victories, both are difficult, as they require the souls of other races, as well as your own.

One is the Omnicyonic. (also called postchronomotive) A translator that allows minds of different forms to communicate with eachother and enter a central stream of conciousness, so all will have the mind of one, and one the mind of all. This requires combining two different types of racial souls together to build each component, for a total of ten different components.

The other is the political victory, which requires the building of 4 small wonders, each as an alliance with another race form, building a coalition with the friendliest race, and ending with the most opposed race. Then the final wonder can be built, and a vote held to declare independence from the rest of the galaxy, as the rulers of the Sona Star System.

Have fun.


Credits for artwork is given in the respective civilopedia entries.
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Early game
A wonder splash
Unit Rollcall 1
Unit Rollcall 2


Just got to third era
Another look at my game on the border of my mortal enemy, taking a breather from a decades long war

Some pointers:

1) The races are flavored according to their strengths, and tend to research their technical lines of expertise first, so Cyborgs will research first along the white (commercial) line.

2) Every race has one special unit per era. It will say in the civlopedia something like Cyborg Industrialization Infantry. If you are lucky enough to have the rare "Ronin" resource, you can build any of them, provided you can provide the required secondary resource.

for example:

the autocyon's Coloniztion (1st era) specialty unit is the "laser Drone", it requires the silicon strategic resource. If you wanted to build the "rogue" version, you would need the strategic resource "Ronin" and, in this case, the luxury resource "gems".

Keep this in mind when looking at the units available on the tech tree. If it's heading says Clone..... and you are human, or Rogue, Mercenary, ronin or pirate........ and you do not have the ronin resource, you cannot build it.

3) You infantry can keep you afloat if chance determines you get no resources. The strategic resources are a tad more rare than in the regular epic civ game, so don't expect to get them all.
reserved for the inevitable bugs

+If you get an error ending with "cyman_YG_S" or "bebro_Xscout", you still need to patch. The patch goes in the same file as the mod did. If youi are in the middle of a game, and meet this bug, the patch will allow you to continue.

+No corruption governments, It seems the racial governments that claim no corruption are actually quite corrupt. This would mean the Clone Collective and Cyborg Confederacy are broke. I may release a patch soon to rectify this bug.... once I figure out why this is so.

Edit: fixed in "last patch", posted Jan 5, 2006

+There have been six people who say that they are picking random opponents, and getting some "unlocked" civs (historical names and leadereads, like Ragnorok). If you run into this problem, please post here. I am thinking it has something to do with changing the default settings. They are set for optimal play, and changing them can result in unexpected consequences, especially messing with the victory conditions. Another cause may be not unzipping the files to the correct folder.

Turn off regicide and mass regicide, (they are off by default), also, play with linked cultural locations (they are on by default), or historical civs (like the celts) will be in the game.

onedreamer said:
...BlitzRAV is supposed to be upgradable to BattleRAV, and I checked on the editor that it's correct. However, in a city with Barracks, I can make a BattleRAV but not upgrade a BlitzRAV to a BattleRAV. My government is Populism and I have about 1600 eXc in stock...

I found the problem.

With CivEditor go to the tab Units, choose BlitzRAV. You will see in the section "Special Action" on the right, that the box for Upgrade Unit is unchecked.

Edit: fixed in "last patch", posted Jan 5, 2006

onedreamer said:
... the special unit of Elysium is supposed (according to Civilopedia) to cost no support while it does. Again it's just a problem of unchecking the require support box.

Edit: fixed in "last patch", posted Jan 5, 2006
Launched through high speed cannons 40 years ago, drones were sent to terraform Planet Sona prime for habitation.

Now the drone's masters have come to settle; Immortal, 25th century humankind, in a pentagenesis of evolution. Some are mutant like, some clones, some human, some cyborg, some synthetic.

The political body that sent the drones doesn't really exist anymore, in the inner galaxy, it seems war is coldly brewing in the new power vacuum. The galactic frontier, where Planet Sona Prime resides, may not have the same destiny.

+Includes well over 100 Mb of different original unit animations, Dozens of new buildings and wonders, a completely new skin.

+Utilizes the scores of futuristic, original units posted by various Civfanatics over the past 2 years, credits given in the civilopedia.

+Two different peaceful victorys. Build a massive central consciousness all races can join, or build a political union of the races comprising of 20 different small wonders (4 each race) and 5 great wonders, (1 per race), and win the vote. Both with original graphics.

+A unique infantry progression line for each race, 4 upgrades each per era, with accompanying animations or sound effects to differentiate infantry levels. (A line of 21 units, or times 5 races, 105)

+1 special unit per race per era. A total of 20 units, when combined with Ronin units, 40 units.

+Two years work, thought and obsession.

+much more.........

This is a screenshot default settings for the mod. Please be sure your set-up matches this screen. The game will crash if you turn on regicide or mass regicide.

Barbecue said:
2) My cities seem to periodically make units, mainly worker drones and
Worker drones come from Drone Fabs, one every 30 turns.

Barbecue said:
a non-moveable unit called plutonium that can't do anything other than be disbanded, adding 48 shields to the city and can be upgraded to an ICBM!!!! Is this intentional? Seems to me like it's a far too easy way of getting tons of ICBMs.

Plutomium can either be upgraded to an ICBM for about 650 eXc, (in a city with barracks), or disband for 48 shields, every 16 turns. This is a 3 shield a turn bonus. Plutonium comes from Nuclear Plants. It cannot be stockpiled, so it must go to city use if it cannot be upgraded. I made the hard rules, so the AI can use them... I certainly know they get the shield bonus, whether the AI upgrades to nukes, I haven't tested.
Sword_Of_Geddon said:
Compared to the orginal version, how many new mod-specific units does this baby have?

About 20. The infantry line is different from other mods or the epic game, so it is hard to give an exact number.
Sword_Of_Geddon said:
Yes, you said something about infantry for each faction being very similiar, yet slightly different before.

They are all identical now, just different graphics. For balance reasons.

They upgrade in four steps per era along the military tech line, and with most upgrades comes one or two new animations. An infantry taht upgrades from a rail gun to a plasma gun will fire different projectile, or with a forcefield will display a forcefield during fortify, etc....
Very nice:goodjob:
This dedication is insane! Bravo! :thumbsup:
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