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Mar 24, 2010
Haven't seen this specific topic yet, so for the benefit of us Europeans anxiously awaiting Thursday midnight, how about some discussions of the wonders added and changed by G&K?

I assume Hagia Sophia is changed since Pisa now gives its previous bonus, but what to? Off the top of my head I'd guess Iron Working looks a solid beeline for the GL - maybe the Mayans with Pyramid giving extra science might be able to get towards Theology before its built, but Drama and Poetry being in the way might stop most other people.

Petra looks very interesting, turning deserts into equivalent to plains/river. It markedly DOESNT power up flood plains - but does it still affect Desert/Hills? An extra 3 points on them could be excellent, as well as Oases. Must have for Arabia, I'd guess, and it looks very cheap to offset that your desert cities for building it in will probably struggle for production.

Neuschwanstein + Machu Picchu in a mountain city gives a TON of gold (unless MP is changed), plus makes Castles give a ton of benefits with Honor.

Plus if you're building the Great Mosque of Djenne in your capital/largest city and getting a free Mosque with it, doesnt that dilute the Mosques follower belief quite considerably?

America and their Minutemen dont get the benefit from Alhambra, too :(
Hagia Sophia gives a free Great Prophet I believe.

LToP comes with Printing Press as well I think? Building that to get the GE for Notre Dame if it's still available, or potentially Porcelain Tower could be a lot of fun.
The Hagia Sophia does indeed give a Great Prophet, so if you build it, you can found a religion even without focusing on earning Faith early on.
Can anybody list the new wonders and what the bonuses are?


page 261/294

IMO, CN Tower (requisite tech Telecommunications, free broadcast towers, +1 pop, +1 :) in every city) comes too late to be useful for the benefits it grants. Telecommunications is wayyyyy behind Radio, even behind Ecology which now allows Sydney Opera House, and afaik opinions vary as to the usefulness of SOH itself in culture wins. Hubble Space Telescope is of course the must build in science wins now.
CN Tower is pretty powerful, but kind of late game, so I think it's better as a good building for keeping your empire going towards a science victory than a cultural one IMO.
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