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[BTS] G-Major 152 - Prince, Hammurabi, Conquest - deadline 24th May 2017

Here's a picture-based report of my best submission.
That was superb - everything I hoped for in making this a Gauntlet.

I'm having another go and experimenting with only playing a map where you pop a Scout on t0, if there is no hut or you get something else then re-roll :mischief:
I gave it a couple of tries and submitted a t19 victory. Not gonna go for it anymore, you can keep your top spot Dhoom!

I think something like t14 or t15 is very possible, if you can bother to retry enough times. A real micro pangaea can be <140 tiles (toroidal, solid shoreline, maybe 5-10% of maps are that small). On a map like that it is possible to grab an undefended city t3. I twice managed to attack Berlin on t4 (declare t3), but that's exactly when he usually gets the warrior out. Still, the city has no cultural defense and warrior no fortification bonus on t4, so that's >30% chance to win.

If you feel lucky, you can even do a one warrior rush on other cities. I had one game where I saw I could get a t17 win if one warrior would manage to grab Berlin at 9%. He did it!! :D Unfortunately my other 2 warriors failed to take Delhi... :wallbash:
Leave it to Dhoom to turn the warrior rush into a science :lol:
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