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While the general Hall of Fame is an ongoing competition, we like to run time-definite competitions between updates that we call Gauntlets. Standard Hall of Fame rules (*) still apply, but any games meeting the settings will be counted towards the Gauntlet.

[size=+1](*) Please read the >> HOF rules << BEFORE playing!

  • Victory Condition: Score (though all victory conditions must be enabled)
  • Difficulty: Monarch
  • Starting Era: Any
  • Map Size: Large
  • Map Type: Any
  • Speed: Any
  • Civ: Any
  • Opponents: Any
  • Version: 1.74.001 or 2.13.001
  • Date: 27th September to 24th October 2007
The highest score wins.
Only 2 weeks for this major?

I guess this will be my attempt for the time victory slot anyway. Has anyone got any tips? Never played a large map but I think I can probably give this a go since Monarch is about my current skill level.

I'm thinking someone with a late UU so Germany or The Septic Tanks (Yanks), or maybe an early UU to cripple as many civs as possible from the get-go.

Should be fun but I think it will get pretty boring towards the end.

And any era or map type eh... interesting. I've only ever played ancient era starts myself.
I think it always says that regardless. EDIT: The "earliest date wins" thing I mean.

I've been looking at my Warlords manual for leader/civ ideas anyway.

I like Washington for America, expansive/charismatic, I think expansive will be handy to get a big score, and charismatic is just super for a long game.

Both German leaders look good to me.

Mehmed with expansive/organised seems like a dark horse but his UU is a bit ordinary to say the least, although it could probably waste all the earlier units with its bonuses against melee/archers/mounted. His UB is great, an aqueduct that gives +2 happiness (EDIT: I had written health before this edit, duh).

I really don't fancy playing on marathon speed but I'm guessing that's where the big scores will be or am I wrong about that? I know I'm not likely to come top of the table anyway so I'm not too bothered about having a competitive score.
We haven't got one planned, I thought 2 new Gauntlets would be enough. We'll most likely start a new minor next update.

Just when I was starting to get addicted to gauntlets...I'm out of luck as I don't have BTS and a time victory in a large map seems to be beyond my PC's capabilities.:mischief:

Sorry for the noob question, but when will the next update occur?
Just when I was starting to get addicted to gauntlets...I'm out of luck as I don't have BTS and a time victory in a large map seems to be beyond my PC's capabilities.:mischief:
It's not time, it's score. That means whoever gets the highest score via any of the victory conditions wins!
Oh I see... hmmm domination win then with extra score miliking thrown in I guess.

Or I could just play any old how and if I win I get my major tick anyway... sounds good to me.
ooooo. I was thinking it's a large map time game... Now this is an interesting gauntlet indeed... I'm guessing the high score is going to be 200-300k? Time to go sharpen those axes.
278250 is currently the best score... Inca domination on Marathon. No big surprises there. Finish date was 1055AD. Terra map though, I was expecting Pangaea.
I'm thinking of going for Great Plains myself. Already did domination on Oasis for a GMinor (I think it was #11), that took ages though (1970AD, quite lame really, 2nd to last, but it was my first gauntlet attempt), and it was getting pretty tedious near the end.

I guess we have no choice but to go for Huayna Capac on marathon then. Zulus look OK for maintenance reducing barracks and expansive trait for lots of big cities, but I expect lots of wonders will be in order too, so Capac gets the nod for me I think.
Now that I finally understood the game objectives :blush: I might consider giving it a go. :p

And I expect to be flamed for this, but if HC is so overpowered I personally think that having to have HC as opponent would add more diversity and fun to this gauntlet.
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