[BTS] G-Major 183 - India, Deity, Diplomatic - Deadline January 30th 2023

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Sep 6, 2012

While the general Hall of Fame is an ongoing competition, we like to run time-definite competitions between updates that we call Gauntlets. Standard Hall of Fame rules still apply, but any games meeting the settings will be counted towards the Gauntlet.

  • Victory Condition: Diplomatic (though all victory conditions must be enabled)
  • Difficulty: Deity
  • Starting Era: Ancient
  • Map Size: Standard
  • Speed: Normal
  • Map Type: Ice Age
  • Required: No Tribal Villages, No Random Events
  • Must Not Be Checked: Permanent Alliances
  • Civ: India
  • Opponents: Must include Babylon (Hammurabi), Egypt (Hatshepsut), Ethiopia (Zara Yaqob), Japan (Tokugawa), Mongolia (Kublai Khan), Zulu (Shaka)
  • Version: 3.19.005
  • Date: 30th November 2022 to 30th January 2023
Must not play as Inca.
The earliest finish date wins, with score as a tiebreaker.
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