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Gaian Evolution - Loadout Rebalance

Discussion in 'CivBE - Mod Development' started by Gaia_, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Gaia_

    Gaia_ Chieftain

    Mar 30, 2016
    Like others I also feel the game needs some rebalancing to reach its full potential. Here is my little contribution from what is still work in progress. In fact I wasn't able to implement some things I would have liked such as the Biome Probe (to reveal Marvel locations as a Spacecraft option) or the option to make landfall at sea.

    Loadouts have been nearly untouched despite the many other changes in the new expansion, and that surprising given how it was presented initially on how players were supposed to "customize" thier civ using these initial choices.

    I've made some buffs here and there to balance things out and wanted to share what I've been playing with lately.

    Colonists - provide an ongoing benefit helping in the expansion process and scaling with that that expansion

    Scientists: +3 Science per city (was +2)
    Refugees: +2 Food per city (same) and -15% unhealth from population
    Aristocrats: +4 Energy (same) and + 2 Diplomatic Capital per city
    Engineers: +2 Production (same) and +15% tile improvement speed
    Pioneers: +100% production for Settlers and Trade Convoys (was Settlers and Explorers); with the immense importance of explorers for artifact and the nerf to internal trade routes this option seems more balanced with the rest
    Mercenaries: +20% Production to Military Units; -25% Unhealth from conquered cities

    Spacecraft - is all about gathering Intel of the new planet

    Continental Surveyor - reveals coast on map (unchanged) - can be quite powerful on maps with a lot of coast such as atlantean or archipelago and can get a lot of locations of resource pods
    Retrograde Thruster - increases landfall radius from 1 to 3 (was 2) and visibility radius from 3 to 8 (was 6). This option was a little weak compared to the others and thus need a little buff. This will reveal at least two resource pods in most cases.
    Tectonic Scanner - reveals all strategic resources without tech (same just added some code reveals the other ones as well for use with other rebalancing mods that hide those as well until researched)
    Fusion Reactor - removed. 100 Energy? Don't see how this fits into the Spacecraft category ... might make more sense as Cargo but not much
    Replaced with Optical Enhancer - gives a +2 Visibility range promotion to Explorer units and should be more in line with the other perks the enhance intel gathering
    Supply Module - removed. Doesn't fit in this category and the benefit from two resource pods is questionable compared with the other options.
    Electromagnetic sensor - unchanged. With the new artifact system this is probably one of the stronger choices.

    Cargo - is all about initial endowment that doesn't increase with the number of cities or as the game progresses the same way as with Colonists

    Hydroponics - +1 Population in first city (same) +1 Health (to bring it in line with the other options)
    Laboratory: begin with the Pioneering technology (same). Strong choice particularly when combined with Pioneer colonists
    Raw Materials: Clinic in the first city (same) + an additional expedition for explorer units (to bring it in line with other choices)
    Weapon Arsenal: begin with a Combat Rover (was Marine) or Patrol Boat (unchanged for aquatic start)
    Machinery: begin with a worker unit (unchanged); strong start
    Cryotome: begin with a free Virtue (same; very weak compared to the others since it's about 20 Culture to get your first virtue and you can get that from a resource pod); added a free Earth Relic building in the first city
    Xeno Management - begin with an Ultrasonic Emitter unit (same); weak perk compared to the rest; added a +20% combat strength vs. aliens to make it a reasonable choice in line with its intended purpose as the alien farmers choice

    Just small changes which should however result in real choices which also imply trade-offs. Feedback is very much appreciated!

    File is on Steam for download so you can play around with it: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=656352866

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