Gaian Supply Crawler Strategy


Sep 22, 2009
Do the the Gaians need Growth from SE choices, Children's Creche, or Golden Age to 'essientally' POP Boom their cities? No.

So, let's say: the Gaians mass produce supply crawlers instead, for the purpose of extracting 2 nutrients from every fungus square within their territory?
This is incrediblly advantageous, given, there's no need to develop those resources, just extract the nutrients and grow!

What can improve this strategy? Possibly, a long road out to the middle of nowhere - with fungus on both sides of the road to extract the nutrients. Possibly, a plan against mind worms, like Green economics for the Planet rating and Sensor arrays on the long road to improve defense. Trance units might also be helpful, I think.

Also, be sure to get Rec Commons and Hab Complex, in good time - there's no time to waste!

And, then, you have options like Librarians and Technitions to give either 3 to labs or 3 economy, instead of using a tile resource that doesn't give you at least some Production - like a Forest (2), or 3 total energy in comparision - which is hard to do, without solar and Echelon mirrors! In fact, maybe mines would be better than balanced forests (generally) because they won't expand to fungus squares, used by Supply Crawlers, where city specialists could be the norm in the cities, perhaps - especially with extra Supply Crawlers extracting mineral wealth from mines.

What holes do I see in this strategy? The AI (regardless of friend or foe) seems to look to agressively build bases, near supply crawler extraction points in their own territory (expanding their territory - pushing your boundry lines back, which is kinda annoying), so that you'll have to re-position your supply crawlers, or do something else about it! Suggestions would be helpful.


Deity Whipping Boy
Nov 14, 2007
With the Gaians, I like to strip mine Planet to an extent that would make Morgan blush. Crawl fungus, aggressively develop and crawl other single-tile yields, work as many boreholes as possible. Mind worms are another resource to be harvested, so Greenwashing is good. Few or no forests: Awkward in the midgame because we have less tiles to work with, a natural food surplus from crawling fungus, and don't really want to replace fungus. In the late game, we'd rather work fungus.


Aug 12, 2008
Melbourne, Australia
If there's one faction that I think is highly dependent on supply crawlers, it's the Morganites (you have to beeline industrial automation anyway because of their lower pop cap limit). I admit I don't use supply crawlers that much unless I am running desperate.
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