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game crash when loading .sav over turn 540

Discussion in 'CivBE - Bug Reports' started by Dreifels, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. Dreifels

    Dreifels King

    Nov 21, 2001
    I sent a support request to 3k

    any sav I made later than turn 540 crashed. However, If I load sav turn 540 and continue the game w/o exit any more, it works. But any sav after 540 crashed while loading.

    played offline, never used cloud

    Answer from 3K not successful:
    ---start copy ---
    The saved game has probably caused your game your crash error as soon as you hit the button that will bring up your saved files,

    So here's what to do.

    Open steam and
    Go to--->Setting--->Downloads+cloud
    --->Uncheck "Enable Steam Cloud sync"
    Go to--->Steam--->Go offline...
    1. Go to your steam userdata dir (in my case C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata)
    2. Click on the numbers folder (your Steam ID)
    3. Look for the number folder "8930" (Civilization: Beyond Earth app ID)
    4. Delete everything inside (This is your steam cloud saves for Civilization: Beyond Earth)
    5. Launch Civilization: Beyond Earth then start a game and play a few turns or games
    6. Save the game in steam cloud and exit Civilization: Beyond Earth and then exit steam
    7. Go to the Civilization: Beyond Earth App ID folder again and delete remotecache.vdf
    8. Start steam then Go to online mode and check "Enable Steam Cloud sync" (Steam--->Setting--->Downloads+cloud)
    9. Start Civilization: Beyond Earth and a Cloud Sync Conflict dialog should appear and select "Upload to the Steam Cloud"

    The game should then start and your loading errors should be over. Please tell us if it helped.
    ---end copy---

    my reply:
    Never used cloud., Played offline.
    I don't have in userdate a folder with "8930" (Civilization: Beyond Earth app ID)"
    there are these folders only:
    2799520820 (empty, onyl subfolder config which is empty)
    1932372008 (empty, onyl subfolder config which is empty)
    871758860 (empty, onyl subfolder config which is empty)
    133412260 (has content several folders)
    44410 (has "shortcuts" onyl
    39308 (empty only subfolder config which is empty)

    now runnig a new game and will look if it happens again
    attached here the last working sav (540) and the next (541) what crashes


    started a new game and it is same, but before turn 400 already

    Game worked fine, I have autosav on, exit game + steam, later I come back und start game and load the sav, and after long time of loading it is same again: stack overflow and no way to continue the game.

    For me that means, it is impossible to play the game to its end, because I cannot let it open and comp running for days, and, if there will be a crash because another reason (i.e. orbital window) no way to step back and continue.

    THE GAME IS UNPLAYABLE :badcomp: [pissed]

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