Game Crashing since Second Update for Frontier Pass


May 15, 2006
As the title says I have been having constant crashes since the second update for Frontier Pass. No crashes whatsoever before then. I have a decent desktop I have been using for many games (Steam and MS Game Pass) besides Civ with no crashes. I have not been on this forum for some time and have been posting mostly in the Discussion on Steam.

Anyway, I have been advised to post here some information. I could not find the right place so I started a new thread here. I hope that is OK. I am using DX11 when only one mod, the one of additional maps. I have been using basically the same game settings of Prince or King, Huge land map, Epic speed, default number of civs and city states. Here are two of the three items from my latest crash this evening:

I went to the location looking for the dump file, but none was there. The strange thing was that the latest file in there was dated July 23 and I can tell you I had at least one crash PER DAY during at least the past week. I have no idea why there is no dump file. Just to double check I restarted the game from an AUTOSAVE and got about 20 turns in and had yet another crash. Again, I checked and there were no dump files.

I hope someone can assist me in finding the problem because since the second update the game is basically unplayable. I have not come close to finishing a game since then.

Thank you


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Mar 6, 2014
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