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I'm serious. You can.
Dec 1, 2003
I just can't believe that man is married. And what about that robe in the third picture. Reminds me of church-choir-clothing.


May 10, 2006
See the problem with all that electronic equipment? Not even a good kitchen chair and pillow to sit on. Couch is all full of stuff, the floor, my! I'd show you a photo of my music speakers, but then, someone might just go berzerk or something. I guess since then, they try and make it seem as if music can come out of small speakers and those subwoofers they sell nowadays. What happened to those great speakers that can actually play the notes in range like an 18" woofer, and 10" midrange, and bullet radiators for the tweets or at least something like 15" speakers with the above. Ring radiators work well to for those crispy tingling smooth high notes also. Great for about anything that comes out nowadays. They ( those acoustic engineers call those speakers - High Fidelity Speakers. Please inform wives that they do sound better.)

Well, I opt for the kitchen chair with a good back and a nice pillow to sit on most of all.

Electronic Clutter not withstanding. Back to my simple stuff. Just because some people like game consoles, just does not mean everyone. A computer is just more.

Now just where are all those programming reference books also? Oh, gees! Not just the Internet? Gees!
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