Game of democracy???

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I am NOT going to repeat myself AGAIN. But there is a whole slew of threads, check out Site Feedback and their might be an answer there.

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Oh fine, I couldn't find a thread about it. I will tell you.

It is a game where citizens vote in cabinet members and a President. The President moves the units in the game, while Cabinet advises. Cabinet makes polls, which citizens vote on. Citizens also make groups, which focuses on a certain area of the Nation (ie War Church, which likes war)
Whoa! It is kind of cool to see people asking about the game. That means Civ3 forum are beggining to look somewhere else on the forums :goodjob:

But this should be in the site feedback, and there is already a lot of thread talking about it.

Game of democacy is a civ2 game where poster decides by voting what will be done by the game. It's like a real democracy, minister/leader are elected, and poster can vote on almost everything.

Hope that helps you :)

Edit : Here's a link...
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