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Discussion in 'Humankind - Technical Support' started by Shadowhal, Aug 18, 2021.

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    Actually, it's a pretty good engine, highly respected and used by major studios over the World. From what we found through our experience with Old World and Unity, is that whilst the engine is good, the understanding of how to properly integrate a game's graphic system with Unity in the latest version is still being learnt. In just the last two months we've been able to double the base performance of the game just from relearning the new version of Unity and integrating it properly.

    Both Humankind and Old World use the July 2021 version (2020.3.14f1) so we both have work to do to integrate the graphics properly.
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    I have yet to "respect" it, but I take your word and hopefully the engine can be tamed. ;)
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    Many thanks to all for the helpful advice. I got to the bottom of it and managed to resolve the issue.

    The HDD was dying in the end, that's why it was so slow (not to mention it being a slow, traditional one). One morning, it just would turn on anymore and Windows didn't find a bootable device. I installed an SSD in an unused slot and boom! That thing is fast! I only loaded HK once so far and that took 40s for the menu and 1:20m or so for the game. I'll keep testing as I progress with my session, but that seems to address it.

    Slightly different topic and sorry for the off-topic, but maybe someone has a brilliant idea: does anyone know good software for reversing the conversion of an external HDD to a windows installation media (ESD-USB)? Looks like I not only lost my HDD, but also managed to kill my file back-up in the repair effort ... The tools suggested from online search tend to find just randomly named files with no structure, so not sure there is something better out there.

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