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Game Play Instruction Thread, Sunday, September 14th, 2:00 pm CDT, 18:00 GMT, 20:00 R

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of Democracy III' started by ravensfire, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. ravensfire

    ravensfire Member of the Opposition

    Feb 1, 2002
    Gateway to the West

    Previous Chat Thread

    This will be an online session. Ravensfire will be the DP for this session.


    Universal Suffrage and Hoover's Dam are nearly completed! The continuing efforts to improve our land have not stopped - Governors request away! The Fanatican Defense Force is more capable than ever before - citizens on the border sleep without fear of foreign invanders.

    Please reserve this thread for instruction posts by Department Leaders. This is not a discussion thread.

    -- Ravensfire, President of Fanatica

    EDIT: 20:00 R means 20:00 RMT, there is a character limit.
  2. Noldodan

    Noldodan 2 years of waiting...

    Jun 17, 2002
    Aventine Build Queues:

    Aureus: Infantry, Infantry, Infantry
    Inadatto: Bank, Hospital, Infantry
    Regia Doughnutia: Hospital, Bank, Infantry
    Lake Asphinxia: Bank, Factory, Hospital
    Elephantine: Bank, Infantry, Infantry
    New Jedina: Hospital, Infantry, Infantry
    Iron Hills: Factory, Library, Marketplace
    Omalu: Factory, Bank, Infantry
    Chieftess: Factory, Bank, University
    Seven Hills: Infantry, Infantry, Infantry

    Aventine Improvements:

    1) Irrigate the Grassland near Iron Hills.
    2) Mine and RR the Gold near Aureus.
    3) Irrigate and RR the mined Grassland near Aureus.
    4) Mine and RR some Hills both near Aureus and south of Chieftess.

    Other: Barring conflicting orders from Military, please phase out other defenses throughout Fanatica in favor of Infantry as they are produced. Also, continue maximizing Aureus for food production. Take Seven Hills off of the Gold tile and give that to a laborer from Aureus. Military also has my permission to take up to and including 4 units (preferably Legions) from the defenses of Aventine to finish the Northern Defensive Line. And wouldn’t it be better if we shifted the Southern Defensive line a bit to include Nirvana?
  3. ravensfire

    ravensfire Member of the Opposition

    Feb 1, 2002
    Gateway to the West
    Please note, all instructions should be posted in this thread at least 1 hour prior to the start of the turn chat. I will be starting the pre-turn at that point in time.

    Once I have posted in this thread that the pre-turn has begun, I will not guarantee that your instructions will be carried out.

    -- Ravensfire, President of Fanatica
  4. Bacon King

    Bacon King Chieftain

    Mar 31, 2003
    New Orleans, LA
    --Science Research Ques--
    1. Refining
    2. Steel
    3. Combustion
  5. Peri

    Peri Vote early and vote often

    Aug 31, 2002
    Military Instructions

    Movement of Cavalry

    1 cavalry from Alexandria to Thebes
    1 cavalry from Hiercanopolis to Nirvana
    Return all cavalry in southern Caelian to garrison (split equally between the 3 border cities)

    Movement of Infantry

    1 from Asyut to Nirvana
    1 from PDX III - Nirvana
    1 from Penguin to Neapolis
    1 from Tyvek to Ingolemondor

    From Recruiting Depot
    1 to Cold Harbour
    2 to PDX III
    2 to Walnut Creek
    1 to Inadatto
    2 to Sycorax
    2 to Gingerbread City
    2 to De Paolo
    2 to Shaitan

    Any units upgraded to infantry should be returned to their home cities

    Movement of Legions

    1 from South Bootia to Penguinadua
    1 from Ingolemondor to Tyvek
    1 from Skunkworks to Persian Landing

    Movement of Spearman

    1 from Bootia to Skunkworks
  6. Falcon02

    Falcon02 General

    Dec 11, 2001
    Maryland, USA
    Noshuret: Infantry (1) -> Artillary (3) -> Infantry (3) -> Artillary (3) -> Infantry (3) ->

    Xak Tsaroth: Hospital (2) -> Coloseum (4) -> Infantry (3) -> *

    Gorina: Universal Sufferage (3) -> Marketplace (2) -> Hospital (4) -> Artillery (2) -> *

    Ingolemondor: Barracks (1) -> Coloseum (10) -> Marketplace (8) -> Courthouse (7)

    Neapolis: Bank (10) -> Hospital (15)

    Penguinadua: Infantry (1) -> Artillary (2) -> Infantry (3) -> Artillary (2) -> Hospital (4) -> Coloseum (3)

    Nur Gisnod: Hospital (3) -> Bank (9)

    Tyvek: Hoover Dam (4) -> Hospital(4) -> Bank (4)

    Slice of Bacon: Marketplace (1) -> Barracks (3) -> Courthouse (12)

    Nafstac: Barracks (2) -> Cathedral (15)

    Worker Requests
    Mine/Road/Railroad Hills around Penguinadua

    Road/Railroad Irrigated Grassland NW of Tyvek

    Railroad Irrigated tiles near Ingolemondor

    Railroad/Mine Hills near Ingolemondor

    * - denotes continue unit build for the rest of the t/c

    ? - build time unknown

    Italics in turn value denote estmated amounts
  7. Fier Canadien

    Fier Canadien Citizen

    May 21, 2002
    Québec, Québec, Canada
    Alexandria:Courthouse (9), Library, Cathedral
    Asyut:Library (7), Courthouse, Cathedral
    Heliopolis:University (8), Factory, Bank
    Hieraconpolis:Couthouse (16), Marketplace, Cathedral
    Giza:Marketplace (9), Courthouse, University
    Memphis:Hospital (2), Colosseum, Infantry, Infantry, …
    Nirvana:Temple (27), Marketplace, Aqueduct, Cathedral
    River Crossing:University (24), Cathedral, Factory
    Thebes:Cathedral (rush), Marketplace (rush at turn 3), Factory
    Walnut Creek:Temple (57), Harbor, Marketplace, Aqueduct

    Worker Actions
    Memphis: Clear and mine jungles
    Asyut: Clear and irrigate jungles
    Hieraconpolis: Irrigate mined plains
    Nirvana: Irrigate, road and railroad the two flood plains
    Walnut Creek: Road the forest

    Laborer moves
    Walnut Creek: Place a laborer on the forest as soon as roaded
    Nirvana: Place laborers on the flood plains as soon as irrigated
    Hieraconpolis: Place laborers on irrigated plains as soon as de-mined

    Nirvana:place a defender
    And watch out for the four american longbows at Abydos (note to the millitary leader)
  8. Bootstoots

    Bootstoots Chieftain Super Moderator

    Mar 2, 2003
    Treaties: Do not sign or break any treaties (Peace Treaty, ROP, MA, MPP, Trade Embargo) this turnchat.

    Embassies: None unless the general opinion of the people at the chat is that an embassy is needed.

    City investigations: If you and a general opinion of people in the chat determine that another investigation of Persepolis is beneficial, you are permitted to do so. There are to be no other investigations.

    War Declarations: None this chat, and if war is declared on us, please stop the chat.

    Tribute Demands:

    Reject a tribute demand if:
    -More than 100 gold or 6 gold per turn is demanded
    -A strategic resource or luxury is demanded
    -An important technology not believed to be known by other civs is demanded.
    -England demands tribute.

    If a demand does not violate these guidelines, pay the tribute demand unless the general opinion of people in the chat says to reject it.

    Other instructions:

    Territory incursions: Please ask all nations with troops in our territory to withdraw them in the preturn or when their troops appear in our territory. You may repeat this at intervals of 2 to 3 turns as necessary. Please do not demand that any nations move troops. If what appears to be a possible invasion force arrives near a city, please stop the chat and we can determine what to do in the forums.
  9. deshelbr

    deshelbr International Playboy

    Jan 7, 2003
    Azelatrof, Fanatica
    1575 AD

    Build Queues:

    Worker Requests:

    Just finish mining that one hill and we're set.

    No Laborer Micro-Management Requests.
  10. FionnMcCumhall

    FionnMcCumhall Chieftain

    May 28, 2002
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Ok here we go. I wish for the Saltpeter that hasnt been connected on the greco-roman border to be connected. While it probably wont net us much in money since we are in the industrial age, we should connect it nonetheless. Ok here are the deals:
    They Offer		We Offer
    Refining		Atomic Theory
    They Offer		We Offer
    WM			Atomic Theory
    63 gpt
    110 gold
    They Offer		We Offer
    WM			Atomic Theory
    126 gpt
    190 gold
    They Offer		We Offer
    8 gpt			Medicine
    WM			Steam Power
    19 gold
    No luxuries to trade for as all civs seem to be tapped out :(

    Check for additional trades as new technologies become available to us. And stop the chat if a big trade looms upon us
  11. ravensfire

    ravensfire Member of the Opposition

    Feb 1, 2002
    Gateway to the West
    Fionn, am I correct in assuming this is the order that I should conduct the trades?

    -- Ravensfire, President of Fanatica
  12. ravensfire

    ravensfire Member of the Opposition

    Feb 1, 2002
    Gateway to the West

    Do NOT edit any instructions beyond this point. You should NOT assume that any instructions posted after this point will be followed.

    -- Ravensfire, President of Fanatica
  13. Rik Meleet

    Rik Meleet Top predator Retired Moderator

    Apr 11, 2003
    Nijmegen Netherlands
    Raven allowed me to post i.b.h. Domestic the Cashrushes requested.

    Fier Canadian
    @Turn1: Cathedral for 220 gold
    @Turn3: Marketplace for +/- 264 gold

  14. ravensfire

    ravensfire Member of the Opposition

    Feb 1, 2002
    Gateway to the West
    Turn chat HAS STARTED

    Please do not POST OR EDIT instructions.

    -- Ravensfire, President of Fanatica
  15. ravensfire

    ravensfire Member of the Opposition

    Feb 1, 2002
    Gateway to the West
    Game Save

    Chat Log

    Citizens of Fanatica! Once again we've had an incredibly succesful series of turns to bring us into the new century! In just the past 3 decades, we have seen wonders the like of which have never been seen!

    In Gorina, we saw a monument go up to commemmorate the decades of effort to give all Fanaticans the right to vote!

    Just a few scant years later, we saw the completion of the largest dam ever built. Named the Hoover Dam, this will provide all Fanatican cities with the power needed to run the factories needed to power our economy.

    During that time, we leveraged the abilities of our scientists into huge sums of income and side research projects completed by foreign civilizations. Many of you have seen the results of this revenue, as many projects in small and medium cities were rushed with extra workers and resources, helping these cities grow faster.

    The turn of the century was celebrated with the decommissioning of the final Spearmen unit, and the troops upgraded to our new Infantry grade unit. We are slowly phasing out the remaining Musketmen units, given Fanatica the most modern military force in all the land!

    Yes, it was another triumphiant series of decades for you, our citizens. Celebrate with one another, for a party has been declared to celebrate our achievments!

    As always, my thanks,
    -- Ravensfire, President of Fanatica

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