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Game Session Instruction Thread (GSIT) Sunday, June 21st, 7:00 PM(EDT) 1900hrs

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Demo Game Revival: Government' started by TheOverseer714, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. TheOverseer714

    TheOverseer714 Overseer

    Feb 12, 2007
  2. Falcon02

    Falcon02 General

    Dec 11, 2001
    Maryland, USA
    Start Redirecting Troops to the Byzantine front.

    Maintain a Defensive on the Southern Front until we can get a larger concentration of troops in the area.
  3. TheOverseer714

    TheOverseer714 Overseer

    Feb 12, 2007
    Turn-log, pictures and the save:

    Next turnchat will be Friday, June 26th, Time TBA(probably 7:00PM or 1900 EDT)

    Spoiler :
    19:07 *** TheOverseer714 joined #turnchat
    19:07 +++ Chieftess has given voice to TheOverseer714
    19:08 TheOverseer714 Turn-chat begin
    19:08 TheOverseer714 Music on (Led Zeppelin)
    19:09 TheOverseer714 Save loaded and running. CivAssist 2 also...
    19:14 TheOverseer714 Switch Breyr to a Knight
    19:17 TheOverseer714 Greeks want way too much for Saltpeter, and I won't lose Newton's on a cascade
    19:18 TheOverseer714 End of turn 0, 1196 gold, -71 gpt, Magnetism in 4
    19:18 TheOverseer714 press enter
    19:19 TheOverseer714 Ottos warn us about caravel
    19:20 TheOverseer714 Disaster occurs, Byzantine Cavalry defeats our Pike and they burn Imbolc!
    19:21 TheOverseer714 Fomorach send an Archer
    19:22 TheOverseer714 Breyr Knight=>Knight
    19:27 TheOverseer714 GS kills redlined Cavalry clean
    19:28 TheOverseer714 vGS Green 3 kills Archer, -2hp
    19:30 TheOverseer714 Move as many defensive troops south as can be spared
    19:33 TheOverseer714 End of turn 1, 1111 gold, -69 gpt, Magnetism in 3
    19:33 TheOverseer714 press enter
    19:34 TheOverseer714 Persians warn us about Caravel
    19:36 TheOverseer714 Byzantines send mostly Maces, but a Longbow and a Knight are the current threat
    19:36 TheOverseer714 Fomorach send an Archer
    19:37 TheOverseer714 Warwick Temple=>Barracks
    19:38 TheOverseer714 Tavia Trebuchet=>Trebuchet
    19:38 TheOverseer714 Anwyn Pikeman=>Mace
    19:40 TheOverseer714 Falcon's Haven Library=>Barracks
    19:42 TheOverseer714 Trebuchets ping Knight twice
    19:43 TheOverseer714 vKnight wins vs vMace -2hp
    19:45 TheOverseer714 our vMace wins vs Byz rMace clean, promotes
    19:48 TheOverseer714 vGS wins vs 2hp vKnight, -2hp
    19:49 TheOverseer714 vGS wins vs Longbow, -1hp
    19:52 TheOverseer714 Battle of Canterbury: vKnight Orange leader wins vs rSpear, -1hp
    19:53 TheOverseer714 eKnight Orange 4 leader wins vs rSpear, -1hp, and Canterbury is ours
    19:54 *** Falcon02 joined #turnchat
    19:54 +++ Chieftess has given voice to Falcon02
    19:55 *** Falcon02 quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
    19:56 TheOverseer714 Battle of Liverpool: vAC Blue 6 wins vs rSpear, -1hp
    19:56 *** Falcon02 joined #turnchat
    19:56 +++ Chieftess has given voice to Falcon02
    19:57 TheOverseer714 vAC Blue 3 wins vs rSpear, -1hp and Liverpool is ours
    19:57 TheOverseer714 Heya Falcon
    19:59 TheOverseer714 2 slaves captured
    19:59 Falcon02 Hey
    20:00 TheOverseer714 It's been a bit rough
    20:01 Falcon02 I can imagine we weren't in the best of position at the save
    20:02 TheOverseer714 Lost Imbolc to a Cavalry, they burned it
    20:03 Falcon02 lovely
    20:03 TheOverseer714 Yeah, I shoulda put a second defender there
    20:04 Falcon02 yeah
    20:04 Falcon02 all our cities with them should have at least 2 defenders, especially given the Saltpeter gap
    20:05 TheOverseer714 jost lost a vAC to an rSpear at Leeds
    20:07 Falcon02 Is Molly still Undefended?
    20:07 TheOverseer714 Anyway, I have A pike in a Caravel, gonna try to pillage Byzantne Saltpeter
    20:07 Falcon02 And Honestly with Liverpool our's I think we should probobly Sue for Peace with Liz... take Canterberry and Leeds, let them keep Dover
    20:08 Falcon02 good luck, the odds are high in our favor, though
    20:09 TheOverseer714 I say I'd like to make them an OCC and keep the war going for awhile
    20:09 TheOverseer714 we need the war happiness
    20:10 Falcon02 Last I checked the Save England was willing to give us All their cities except their Capital
    20:10 TheOverseer714 In 2 turns, I can get the Saltpeter from Greece
    20:10 Falcon02 only reason I didn't suggest it was that Liverpool is too large a culture flip risk
    20:11 Falcon02 If that still holds true we can reduce them to 1 city (Dover) and send more forces on the English Front to Byzantine
    20:11 TheOverseer714 Yeah, peace too soon would be asking for a flip
    20:13 Falcon02 Dover isn't nearly as bad of a culture flip risk though'
    20:13 Falcon02 Yeah, get access to Saltpeter ASAP
    20:13 TheOverseer714 2 turns, I hope
    20:14 TheOverseer714 Anyway
    20:14 TheOverseer714 End of turn 2, 1018 gold, -69 gpt, Magnetism in 2
    20:17 TheOverseer714 Ottos rush 2 Caravels out, probably to land settlers in empty spots
    20:17 TheOverseer714 Tara University=>Knight
    20:18 TheOverseer714 Siobhan Barracks=>Knight
    20:19 TheOverseer714 We lose Gems, Furs and Silks due to trades ending
    20:19 TheOverseer714 plus lots of gpt
    20:23 TheOverseer714 Trade Dyes and Incense to Persia for Furs and 5gpt
    20:27 TheOverseer714 Battle of Leeds: vAC Orange 6 wins vs rSpear, -1hp
    20:28 TheOverseer714 vAC Blue 6 retreats vs rSpear, -3hp
    20:31 TheOverseer714 vAC Blue 3 wins vs rSpear, -1hp, and Leeds is ours
    20:33 TheOverseer714 The war vs the Fomorach is all but over
    20:34 TheOverseer714 Land my Pillager Pike on 2 Byzantine workers, ttaking them as slaves
    20:37 TheOverseer714 Battle of Naissus: vAC wins vs rSpear, -2hp
    20:38 TheOverseer714 rGS Daveshack wins vs wins vs rSpear, -1hp and Naissus is ours!
    20:39 TheOverseer714 I won't burn it yet, we nneed Settlers to replace it
    20:42 TheOverseer714 Ping a ByZ rArcher twice, vGS wins clean
    20:44 TheOverseer714 Rush 2 Settlers, try to Block Ottos
    20:53 TheOverseer714 End of turn 3, 799 gold, -79 gpt, Magnetism in 1
    20:53 TheOverseer714 press enter
    20:54 TheOverseer714 Magnetism is researched, we are now in the Industrial Age!
    20:57 TheOverseer714 Set research to Steam Power in 10 turns at -10 gpt
    20:57 TheOverseer714 Fionna University=>Barracks
    20:58 TheOverseer714 Kyleigh Settler=>Settler
    20:58 TheOverseer714 Shannon Settler=>Settler
    21:05 TheOverseer714 Move troops toward the front
    21:07 TheOverseer714 Begin big trade round
    21:09 TheOverseer714 Trade Magnetism to Greece for Saltpeter, WM, 120 gold, and 38 gpt
    21:12 TheOverseer714 Upgrade 1 Pike to Musket, 1 Knight to Cavalry
    21:17 TheOverseer714 Trade Magnetism to the Cairde for Silks, WM, 10 gold, and 22 gpt
    21:19 TheOverseer714 Trade Magnetism to Persia for 20 gold, and 3 gpt
    21:21 TheOverseer714 Switch all Knight builds to Cavalry
    21:22 TheOverseer714 Ping a ByZ rMace twice, eMace wins clean
    21:22 TheOverseer714 Ping a ByZ rMace once, vKnight wins clean
    21:26 TheOverseer714 End of turn 4, 750 gold, -72 gpt, Nationalism in 7
    21:26 TheOverseer714 Short break
    21:36 TheOverseer714 Back, press enter
    21:42 TheOverseer714 Lone Byz Longbow stands on mountain near Molly
    21:42 TheOverseer714 No builds complete
    21:48 TheOverseer714 eKnight wins vs rLongbow, -2 hp
    21:51 TheOverseer714 No Byz units except 2 Dromons in our territory
    21:53 TheOverseer714 Successfully pillage Byzantine Saltpeter
    21:54 TheOverseer714 Save game, take screenshots
    22:03 TheOverseer714 Turn chat ends
    22:05 TheOverseer714 next turnchat, Friday, June 26th, 7:00 PM, EDT

    Spoiler :

    We have Saltpeter!

    Some money for Magnetism:

    A little more money for Magnetism:

    The warzone:

    Our East Core:

    Our West Core:

    East old Fomorach:

    West old Fomorach:

    The save:
  4. Cyc

    Cyc Looking for the door...

    Mar 18, 2002
    Behind you
    Oh, darn. Missed the Led Zeppelin. :sad:

    On the West coast now. Reception/connection MUCH better. Too bad I was late. Decided to switch to Nationalism? Good move. Too bad about "Spring Festival". Way to pillage Byz Saltpeter. Going to go check the save.
  5. TheOverseer714

    TheOverseer714 Overseer

    Feb 12, 2007
    I figure Nationalism is great trade bait, should we do a gifting up round. Steam Power is not as useful with our lack of workers.
  6. Cyc

    Cyc Looking for the door...

    Mar 18, 2002
    Behind you
    We can also improve relations and get more gold by selling the World Map. Improving relations is the main benefit. If Alex pulls the SP, we'll need those Riflemen.

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